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Here’s What We Know So Far About Proposed Brick School Redistricting

Brick Township Board of Education/Schools (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Brick Township Board of Education/Schools (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Details have been hard to come by with regard to a proposed redistricting plan in the Brick school system, which would change the geographic boundary lines of four elementary schools.

Brick Shorebeat has filed an Open Public Records Act request seeking documents that could help explain the proposal further, but in the mean time, through sources and a portion of a presentation given to a group of parents, several facts have emerged.

District officials have already said the redistricting plan would affect four schools: Veterans Memorial Elementary School, Herbertsville Elementary School, Lanes Mill Elementary School and Midstreams Elementary School. Recently, the district divulged to parents in a presentation the exact streets that would be affected by the plan. These streets include Sawmill Road, Spiral Drive, Bay Bridge Drive, Oak Knoll Drive, Herbertsville Road, Eastham Road, Oxford Road, Aldgate Drive, Smith Road, Barclay Drive, Smith Circle, Azalea Drive, Driscol Drive and MacArthur Drive.


Controversy has surfaced in the northern portion of town primarily because of the inclusion of Sawmill Road on the list. The street is part of a troubled condominium complex known as Maple Leaf Park, which has garnered public scrutiny in recent years for its crime issues. Students from the street will be migrated to Herbertsville Elementary School, sources have said. The street is geographically closer to Herbertsville than Lanes Mill or VMES.

As it currently stands, the district is also planning to move 18 students from Veteran Memorial Elementary School to Herbertsville and 46 students to Midstreams Elementary School. Parents will be able to request their child remain in their current school and an appeals process will be set up, parents were told during meetings.

The majority of the streets on the list, including the large Bay Bridge community, will move to Midstreams.

The district is also expecting to add classes at Warren Wolf Elementary School which will eventually even out the student population in the southern portion of the township, according to sources.

The plan has yet to be fully carved out, however it is expected to be presented at a Board of Education meeting set for May 11. An agenda has yet to be posted for that meeting, however.

  • Mac

    Looks like the exit 91 problem that has gone on for over 11 years is still in its infancy.

  • Northside Mom

    This is not going to fix any overcrowding issues at vets. It’s just going to overcrowded midstreams. The district should be looked at as a whole. We should be making use of Warren Wolf in full. Not just adding one grade per year. And what about using the EEC? Instead of housing administrative offices, can’t it house CHILDREN?!

    • Rosesalute

      Where is the EEC? They said they would look inti it at the last meeting.

      • Northside Mom

        It’s the building next door to vmes. It’s connected to the Boe and administrative offices. Used to house preschool. Then mold. And now houses more administrators…. could really fix LOTS of issues. Put kindergarten there. And that frees up 5 classrooms. Add one more of each grade 1 through 5. Keep ALL our class sizes down.

      • Rosesalute

        That seems like a viable option. I remember at the meeting they said they weren’t sure if the building could house children but they would look into it. Seems like a win win for the North side of Brick

  • Lambchop0307

    This whole thing with the schools has me fuming! A friend of mine who is a realtor had some buyers recently look at a house listed around the block from us. The couple loved the house but did some research on the schools and were afraid to move here because of the Sawmill Rd houses! She said Herbertsville school has horrible ratings. She said its public on Zillow the schools come up, when you go to greatschools.org there are terrible reviews from parents. Maple leaf is an issue there. I would like to downsize eventually and my house is zoned for that school. This is going to be a huge problem for me since the school took a turn for the worst!

    • Chief Wahoo

      Don’t worry. Just keep paying those property taxes each quarter. The teachers. The police. And the rest of the public takers expect it.

    • John Doe45

      My sister is an Ocean County realtor. She told me that her last deal became “extremely difficult” due to the home being close to “Maple Leaf”. It was a beautiful single family home, however most of the buyers were concerned about being so close to that development. It’s dragging property values down for those that reside in the Herbertsville section.

  • Rosesalute

    Daniel- I’m so glad you filed the open public records act for information. This was asked at the last meeting and they said they would share the demographic study. I have caught the school board representative lying a few times so far. He said that the “Millbrook Manor” houses would only be re-districted to Herbertsville. It’s the 1000-1100 sections of Sawmill Rd.- That is not Millbrook Manor!!!!

  • KaayC

    Bus them back to their origins – Lakewood. Let the School for Children With Hidden Intelligences foster them.

  • ThatGuy

    And your socialist educators continue to fuck you all. They make the good people goto school with the trash.

    The Orthodox are buying up everything in the Herbertsville area. I see them on Maple ave daily.

    • Rosesalute

      Have you heard about church of epiphany selling to them? I heard a synagogue will take the place of the church.

    • Goodgrief

      I flagged your post for inappropriate language.

      • ThatGuy

        So your a pussy then.