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New Parkway Interchange 91 Exits, Entrances to Open May 11

A sign advertising the Interchange 91 opening date. (Credit: WOBM)
A sign advertising the Interchange 91 opening date. (Credit: WOBM)

Electronic signs along the Garden State Park on Thursday said new entrances and exits at the remodeled interchange 91 would be open “on or about” May 11.

WOBM radio first reported the story Thursday. Earlier this week, Mayor John Ducey said the exits and entrances would be operation by Memorial Day weekend.

The new exit from Parkway North will be known as the “Herbertsville” exit. The project, now 11 years in the making, provides exits and entrances in both directions. Previously, there was only a southbound exit and a northbound entrance.


Changes include:

  • A new northbound entrance ramp from Burnt Tavern Road and Lanes Mill Road, with access to the park-and-ride lot on the east side of the Parkway.
  • A second northbound entrance ramp for vehicles traveling eastbound on Burnt Tavern Road. This ramp will allow access from Burrsville Road. The single existing northbound ramp will be eliminated.
  • New northbound exit and entrance ramps linking the Parkway and Burrsville Road.
  • A new southbound entrance ramp for traffic heading west on Burnt Tavern Road.
  • A second southbound entrance ramp linking Lanes Mill Road with the Parkway. Herborn Avenue will be extended south and east to Lanes Mill Road, where it will meet the new entrance ramp and a signaled intersection.

A new system of traffic lights will be timed to make traffic flow more quickly through the oft-congested area in the northern portion of the township, county officials have promised.

The county awarded a $21,319,770 contract for the project in August 2014.

Ducey said paving and landscaping work would go on after the entrances and exits themselves open to traffic.

  • Bob

    LONG LONG LONG LONG OVERDUE!!!! & repave the roads!!!!

  • shorekitten

    Yuge rush the last week to get things completed once they announced the date. As if they think they will look good by getting it open 2 weeks before Memorial Day. The Bridge of Death was replaced over a year ago, why haven’t we been able to use it?? They have chewed up the same 50 feet of Herborn Ave for over a year on a weekly – sometimes daily basis. They get no brownie points from me.