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Point Pleasant Man’s Alleged ISIS Ties Discovered After He Threatened to Kill Family Dog

Gregory Lepsky (Credit: Facebook/News12)
Gregory Lepsky (Credit: Facebook/News12)

Additional details emerged Monday in the case of a Point Pleasant Borough man suspected with supporting the terror group ISIS.

The man, Gregory Lepsky, 20, was first taken into custody by Point Pleasant Police officers following an incident Feb. 27, when officers went to an Ocean Road residence, responding to a call that Lepsky was threatening to kill the family dog. Police set up a perimeter around the home, a statement issued Monday said, and Lepsky eventually turned himself over to the officers.

“During our attempt to negotiate … Lepsky emerged from the residence and was taken into custody,” the statement said. “Lepsky was transported to [Ocean Medical Center[ to be treated for a self-inflicted laceration.”


The family dog was located within the residence alive, however, sustained a significant laceration to his back and was immediately transported to an area veterinary hospital.

A large knife was recovered from the suspect’s bedroom that was believed to have been used in the attack on the dog, police said.

Detective David Scalabrini of the Point Pleasant Police Department charged Lepsky with terroristic threats, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, unlawful possession of a weapon, criminal mischief and animal cruelty.

Through the course of this investigation, information was developed to connect Lepsky with ISIS and a potential plan to build and use a pressure cooker bomb, according to police. A pressure cooker was reportedly stored behind a roll of bubble wrap in his bedroom.

It was at that point that detectives from the Point Pleasant Police Department commenced a joint investigation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness.

Lepsky reportedly praised ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi in online postings. He allegedly tried to kill the dog because he considered it “unclean” in his view of Islamic law.

The FBI said in a statement Friday that Lepsky could face 20 years in prison for his alleged crimes.

  • east coast resident

    This 20 year old man was living with his parents, unemployed, having nothing to do, other than be on the computer all day long. The parents should have kicked him out to the street. Thank God that they eventually called the police on him, before he was able to harm others. What a loser.

    • Andy Pat

      It appears to me this individual is mentally impaired and in need of help. Kicking him to the street is not the answer.

      • east coast resident

        Well, we always blame mental illness, when its only evil, or stupidity. Of course, we don’t know what the problem is, unless we had to live with him. His actions though, signify total brainwashing. Not so much mental illness.

      • Andy Pat

        A well-brainwashed ISIS sympathizer or agent would not draw attention to his covert or clandestine plans by “threatening to kill the family dog”. And keep in mind that mental illness can manifest on a spectrum from slight to severe. What a simple world this would be if everyone was born with a sign on their forehead deeming them evil or good. This is not a world of absolutes.

      • east coast resident

        a twenty year old is old enough to know that he was planning something evil. Mental illness is not an excuse. If the court finds him mentally defective, then, we”ll say you were right and I was wrong. Otherwise, you’re just making uneducated guesses. I have not heard of anyone of authority claim that the guy was mentally defective. Its your uninformed opinion

      • Late Night Comedian

        Q). How do you know that ISIS broke into your house?
        A). Your trash can is empty and your dog is pregnant.

      • EF McAdams

        He stabbed himself and he stabbed his dog. He considered the dog to be unclean under Islamic law – even though Muslim countries have plenty of dogs and don’t consider dogs to be unclean. (They consider pigs to be unclean, not dogs).

        It sounds more like mental illness than brain washing to me. Presumably, if he had been brain washed by Muslims, they would have used actual Islamic beliefs, not some random baloney.

  • Mac

    Huh? How did he slip through that Ocean County & Friends highly touted vast network of license plate readers touted to be our first line of defense in capturing future terrorists on our soil? And after obtaining so much permanently recorded information on everyone operating openly on wheels throughout Ocean County, how is such a highly sought-after potential terrorist profiled by all the various agencies that will have access to this information? Can these files be subpoenaed for various types of court actions by both prosecutors and personal attorneys, or will they be subject to the Freedom of Information Act?

    So much abuse of the rights of the public versus such ‘so little possible substance’ in return from this poorly thought-out invasion of personal privacies by the top of our law enforcement food chain that were put into practice in the dead of night.