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Brando Wins GOP Primary, Will Face Ducey for Mayor’s Seat

Mayor John Ducey and challenger Domenick Brando. (Campaign Photos)
Mayor John Ducey and challenger Domenick Brando. (Campaign Photos)

A former township councilman will challenge incumbent Mayor John Ducey this November.

Domenick Brando bested his primary opponent, Martin Ebert, with 1,734 votes compared to Ebert’s 724. Brando was endorsed by the official Republican organization, while Ebert ran as an “independent Republican.”

“I want to congratulate Marty,” Brando said. “He ran a good campaign, did a lot of work and got out there. He’s a good guy.”


Brando said he will release details about his campaign platform in the coming weeks, but pledged his goal is to make Brick the safest city in America again – a title the township once held.

A former police officer, Brando said he is developing plans to reduce crime and tackle the ongoing heroin crisis that is affecting most of Ocean County’s municipalities.

Ducey, a Democrat who works as a local attorney, said Tuesday night he is ready for the race and plans on comparing his record over his first term to Brando’s council tenure.

“We’re going to run a great campaign based on what we have accomplished over the last three and a half years,” said Ducey, adding Brando was on the township council when red light cameras were introduced at several intersections in town, and when a 24 percent tax increase was approved by voters and public works services were threatened.

Brando said he and Ducey govern “from two different trains of thought.”

“Right off the bat, he’s got a huge surplus, and I think that money should go back to the taxpayers instead of just sitting in a bank account,” said Brando. “I’ve been pretty vocal on some of his policies and the problems that we have in Brick with crime. I have a different plan and different views on how to fix it and stop it – getting the drug dealers and crime out.”

  • Mark Story Jenks

    I think John Ducey has been doing a good job, and I’d like to see him keep being the mayor.
    That’s my two cents.

  • Jerseygal

    I think Mayor Ducey is doing a good job also. With regard to the surplus, it is always a good idea to have funds set aside for a rainy day or disaster, hopefully we will not see another Sandy, but you never know.

  • Mac

    Brando could be the greatest guy in the world, but when ANYONE comes with the Gilmore Seal of Approval, than it goes without saying after 20 years of physical experience that the public is getting the shortest end of the stick possible. Historians will argue for centuries over whether Gilmore or Christie was the most responsible for bringing the human race to their knees.

  • Spock’s Brain

    So the guy who voted for the largest single year tax increase in the history of Brick (24% in 2011) wants to give Mayor Ducey lessons on fiscal responsibility. I am pretty sure Ducey decreased taxes this year. He doesn’t need any advice from Brando.

    • Late Night Comedian

      Ducey Dems sure like spending that tax increase. It must have been needed because Ducey Dems never rolled it back and have actually INCREASED taxes since then.

  • David Fischer

    Ducey has been doing a great job… No reason to change!

    • Late Night Comedian

      Says the union guy.

  • Andy Pat

    Brando has about a snowball’s chance in hell. He is running as a sacrificial lamb for the party. Just like before (granted no-show job at MUA by Acropolis) he hopes to get a public job on top of his full disability state pension (over 70G). Fiscal and responsibility are 2 words Dom should not use in the same sentence.

  • Jack Mac

    I like to see a none mud slinging campaign like ones from past the past don’t matter it’s over how about the future going forward how it will get better for the families in brick . We need a strong fight against drugs crime and to make it a safe affordable town again .Hope someone steps up to save Bricktown

    • Rob

      I’ve got you