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Brick Bank Robber Was Recognized by Teller, Arrested

Zachary Canace (Photo: Brick Twp. Police)
Zachary Canace (Photo: Brick Twp. Police)

If you’re going to rob a bank, make sure you don’t have friends there.

A Brick man is behind bars after a 9 a.m. bank robbery Monday morning, during which was he recognized by a teller who immediately called police, leading to his arrest.

According to Sgt. Neal Pedersen, the alleged robber, identified as Zachary Canace, of Drake Road, entered the TDBank branch 2292 Hooper Avenue and told a teller, “I need 5000 G’s strapped to go. Do not hit the alarm button and nobody gets hurt, just give me my $5000.00 now.”


The teller gave Canace some money from her drawer and he left the bank, Pedersen said, but was recognized by another teller as a person she was familiar with. The teller was able to provide a description to Officer Robert Heschle, who was familiar with Canace and knew he lived in the area of Tunesbrook Road, Brick.

That information was provided to responding units and Canace was located at a residence on Drake Road. A perimeter was set up around the residence by responding units, but Canace soon exited the residence and was placed into custody without incident.

All of the proceeds from the Robbery were recovered.

Canace was charged with robbery and theft. He was transported and lodged in the Ocean County Jail.

  • Mark Story Jenks

    What a dumb bastard.

    • Albert Westpy

      which one ?

  • Late Night Comedian

    They should add 10 years to his sentence for wearing a Red Sox shirt in Yankee country!
    Way to go Hesh!

  • Richard Zigari

    What the F**** is going on in that town? What’s going on with people? Born and raised in Brick, so sad to see this kind of crap going on there. Robbing banks…..what is this gangster days? And yes, he should get another 10 years for wearing a Red Sox shirt!

  • east coast resident

    Its great that he was arrested. But, let’s not forget the criminals of Welsh Fargo. The CEO robbed depositors and got away with millions. Then, he resigned and got another big bonus. Why isn’t he behind bars. This poor bastard got $5,000 and will be going away for a few years. Welsh Fargo should get life.

    • Late Night Comedian

      Yeah, Welsh Fargo are crooks!
      Their ice cream is no good and their milk is sour.
      Wells Farms is a good bank.