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Brick School Board Nixes Plan for Referendum

School Lockers (Photo: Rafael Castillo/ Flickr)
School Lockers (Photo: Rafael Castillo/ Flickr)

A referendum that may have asked for $12 million from Brick taxpayers is – at least for now – off the table, officials said at Thursday night’s school board meeting.

A measure to hire a firm to design the specifications of the referendum for $25,000 was removed from the agenda before the meeting began, with board president John Lamela saying the plan “is a non-starter for us.”

“It may resurface, but at this time our board has pulled it,” said Lamela. “We want to do our homework. How do we get this stuff done?”


In a non-scientific poll alongside a Shorebeat article earlier this week, 66 percent of those who voted said they would oppose the referendum spending if it appeared on a ballot.

“We don’t have any money in this town,” resident Walter Campbell told board members at the meeting, suggesting the board looks into an ESCO program, under which projects at the schools would be funded through energy savings and other efficiencies rather than cash from taxpayers.

“It’s the only way to do it,” said Campbell, a former board member who also served as a volunteer member of the board’s facilities committee. “You don’t have any other choice now.”

Earlier this spring, Brick officials laid out more than $12.5 million in repairs that are needed district-wide. In a previous report from Shorebeat, it was reported that the $12.5 million in repairs would range from a $1,496,000 roof replacement for the Warren H. Wolf Elementary School (formerly the Primary Learning Center), to $1,297,637 for new baseball and softball fields at Brick Memorial High School, to $1,558,000 to replace a track at Brick Township High School.

  • BB

    Ok Finally folks are really starting to deal with the outrageous School Tax bill we endure every year.
    We need to find ways to cut that bill not increase!

  • Chief Wahoo

    But what about the children ???

  • Taxed to death

    Education should not be funded by property taxes

  • Mike Gant

    Im sure there is a lot of top heavy salaries that do not need to be there. If they could get rid of some of them through combining or laying off un needed waste we could bring costs down further.

  • Long time local

    Honestly, are replacing baseball and softball fields or building a new track at the high school a PRIORITY.? Yes they’d be nice to have and yes they should be done, but there are so many other infrastructure issues to be addressed at the school levels that these types of things should be moved WAY down the priority scale.

  • Hbadger

    It’s an election year so perception is greater than substance. the redundant expensive salaries and perks are out of control. There’s apps out there that can replace the BA Edwards job and as we all know he’s pretty worthless for 180K. We need to rid our education system of all these “yes” cronies, thus reducing money into the politicians/lawyers hands and back into our children’s future!

    • Jack Mac

      I can agree with cutting back on some above suggestions but not the police force because the drug problem in brick and surrounding towns is bad now and less police patrolling would just be a huge mistake. I would like to see a bigger focus on cleaning up the out of control drug conditions

  • Surfrider

    Brick brings in an enormous amount of money in taxes. This town needs to downsize, police, top heavy school officials, lots of places. the police are getting too many new vehicles, that really are not necessary. I was behind some kind of “emergency truck” that I could not even figure out what the hell it was. One thing for sure, it probably cost over $100k! Plus all the “Beach Patrol” pick-ups etc, guard stuff, c’mon, quit wasting the money. When I guarded, I got $15 and had to supply my own transportation. Also, what is with the crossing guards in the summer, I see they have an old cop car that says crossing guard or something, why do they need transportation. I understand they make $25 an hour, what a sweet job to sit under an umbrella with a yellow sign having people stop in their cars without the experience of knowing how to properly do it…… Can we talk?….

    • Daniel Nee

      In fairness, a lot of the advanced vehicles acquired by the police department have been either for free or minimal cost either through military surplus or grants.

      • Surfrider

        I agree, you are correct, but the one I saw was new. They are “pushing out” the local volunteer EMS with the police EMS. Plus I believe they overdo the beach scene with support vehicles. Don’t forget they have a large maintenance dept with many employees and that dept own vehicles, which should be used up at the beach scene. Plus vehicles used for crossing guards? Seems wasteful to me……….The taxes in this town are ridiculous, and we need responsible people to try and cut costs, not increase them.