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Meet Brick’s New Police Boat

Brick's new police boat, a 25-foot Defender class vessel. (Photo: Brick Twp. Police)
Brick’s new police boat, a 25-foot Defender class vessel. (Photo: Brick Twp. Police)

Brick police officers will have a state-of-the-art vessel in their marine unit fleet for the 2017 summer boating season.

The department has launched its new boat, a 25-foot former U.S. Coast Guard Defender-class patrol vessel, in preparation for the summer season.

The boat was launched last weekend for Memorial Day and will be in use through Labor Day and afterward as needed, police said.


Powered by twin 225 horsepower Honda engines, the boat was acquired from U.S. Coast Guard Station Sandy Hook and was outfitted by utilizing drug forfeiture funds, said Lt. Timothy Boyle.

Patrolman Daniel Fogarty, who serves as a Coast Guard reservist in addition to his duties with the Brick police department, headed the project, said Boyle. 

The boat and its crew will conduct patrols on the bay, rivers and lagoons strictly enforcing boating regulations and citing those who are operating their vessels carelessly, said Boyle.

Built by SAFE Boats International, Defenderclass boats are made up of high-speed, rigid-hull aluminum that have twin engines and can travel up to 46 knots (52 m.p.h.). Though similar in appearance to an inflatable boat, its collar is made of rigid polyethylene foam.

The boat, a 2010 model that includes the boat, motors and trailer, was acquired for $40,000, said Mayor John Ducey. It was acquired with funds left over in last year’s surplus account.

Councilman Jim Fozman said Chief James Riccio requested the boat as an upgrade to the department’s current fleet since the Defender is capable of operating in rough weather.

  • Surfrider

    I for one, think it is a necessary addition, and I am one who believes our police force is too large. What i witness out on our local water ways is out of control. You have the waverunner and jetski fleet running amok everywhere not following any rules buzzing slow speed no wake buoys, riding high speed up river feeds which they are not supposed to be doing against the law, buzzing wetlands and docks, underage operation really needs patrolling and ticketing where necessary. Just observations made by one who follows the rules……….

    • Frank Rizzo

      With all the heroin and section 8 housing in this town who would think we need less police…are you only concerned about yourself on the water

      • Surfrider

        No, i just do not think about water, not at all, you make valid points. But I think there are too many police, just too many everything! Haha.

  • Frank Rizzo

    I see no need to operate rough weather….that is the Coast Guard and State Police job to do. We have a lot of water to patrol and getting a bot cheap like this is a good ting