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Raise Makes Brick School Business Administrator Highest Paid in District

James Edwards (File Photo)
James Edwards (File Photo)

One of the Brick school district’s most highly-paid employees was quietly awarded a raise at the Board of Education’s June 1 meeting, making him the highest-paid individual in the district.

James Edwards, the longtime business administrator, will see his pay increase from $176,74 to $178,508. He will receive an additional $4,000 if he chooses not to utilize the district’s health insurance plan.

The move will officially make Edwards the district’s highest-paid employee, with a salary higher than the state maximum even a superintendent can receive. Interim Superintendent Thomas Gialanella is paid $682.69 per day, the equivalent of a $177,500 salary.


Edwards is tenured in the business administrator position. The raise was quietly approved at the June 1 meeting. Breaking with tradition, a new contract was not specifically placed on the meeting agenda, rather, Edwards’ name was included in a list of non-union employees whose salaries were being set for the upcoming 2017-18 school year.

  • Mike Gant

    Well cant put a new roof on the school that needs it now. We gotta pay this guy way to much money first… Too many top heavy salaries. And to do it without a vote. What sneaks.

  • Chuck Cumella

    NOT NEEDED….. put the money back into the buildings and for the kids….. everyone seems to forget why we have schools and the need to provide a good learning environment.

    • Chief Wahoo

      We have schools to 1. indoctrinate impressionable children. And 2. for a jobs program for public taking parasites to take money from private sector and give to public unions.

  • ttstorm69

    it’s funny people who work in the district don’t get 4000.00 for not taking the benefits so why does he get so much? i also wanna know why they keep renewing his contract, he’s over paid and makes way way way to many mistakes!

    • Chief Wahoo

      So I believe not only does his wife get benefits, benefits better than most everyone here gets, paid by the Brick Taxpayers, but this public taker will also get $4000 for NOT taking benefits because the taxpayers gave them to his wife. I must admit, This public taker has balls. No morals. But steel balls.

      Words to the wise. When someone has nothing to lose, they lose it.

    • john talty

      the reason the BOE keep renewing his contract is Mr. Edwards is tenured, which means you can not get rid of him or any other tenured employee unless it is proven that he or she did something that would qualify as a reason to take away tenured. You also need a BOE that has the courage to follow thru. This new BOE does not in my opinion have such qualities. When I was on the BOE I voted NOT to give Mr. Edwards a raise on a number of occasions because I did not think he deserved a raise because his performance on many areas was poor. I would have voted to take away his tenure and thus his job but you need 4 votes to do so and I did not have 4 votes.

  • KaayC

    For what? What a scam.

  • Hbadger

    This guy can be replaced by an IT program and they pay him more. He did something for someone on the top! Clean slate a bunch of BS cronies lacking any true intelligence to help our schools. Glad mine are all grown up

  • BB

    @t Hbagdger-Glad yours are grown, but you are still paying for his increase and the school!
    Just another reason the schools should now be throughly investigated!

    • Hbadger

      valid point! I believe his wife does municipal work so probably cover it well. WE need to follow the money

  • Chief Wahoo

    Anyone who is being foreclosed , should take a good look at that public takers mug shot. He and his cronies are the reason you could no longer keep up on the speeding hamster wheel. It’s not your fault and did nothing wrong, other than allowing the public takers to rob you.

    All it takes for bad people to prosper, is for good people to do nothing.