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Brick to Consider Permit Structure for Group Events at Parks, Fields

The entrance to Windward Beach Park in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The entrance to Windward Beach Park in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Brick official are expected to vote on a measure Tuesday night clarifying the township’s ordinance governing the use of parks and other facilities by groups for events.

The current ordinance requires a fee be paid to use the park, but does not go into great detail as to which groups of people are expected to apply for a permit and pay the fee.

The revision states that any gathering of 15 people are more are considered to be a “group” including both corporate and nonprofit entities. If they wish to hold an event at any of the township’s parks, public beaches or Traders Cove Marina, they must first apply and pay a fee, plus provide a refundable maintenance fee of $100.


The measure, up for first reading at Tuesday night’s meeting, also clarifies another ordinance to make the “group” law apply to playing fields and other sporting facilities. Groups and teams that already have a lease agreement with the township to use fields are excepted.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the township municipal complex.

  • ThatGuy

    I wonder how the orthodox will handle this? They show up en masse in planned outings to Winward beach and the reservoir.

    That would be a group outing.

    Enforcement should be fun to watch.

    And good for the town being proactive against the cult members.

    • Roberta Staples Cartwright

      LMAO !! First thing I thought of also.

    • shorekitten

      They will say that they are not one large group. Always a way around it.

    • Andy Pat

      Its gonna be even harder to enforce against groups of Christians (since they don’t always dress or ACT like Christians. And yes I am pointing the finger at the anti-semetic commentators (if the shoe fits)

      • ThatGuy

        Hey troll, do the Christians, or Muslims or Indians or normal Jews show up and make special demands based on their esoteric beliefs? Or is it just the Orthodox Jews??

        If your going to troll, get some talent at it. The Orthodox are not even wanted in Israel. You’re a snowflake acting all offended bc you’re a pussy.

        Go ask those Orthodox for help with anything, they wont even look you in the eye as they bump into you at the reservoir with 8 kids taking up the whole path.

        At Winward they show up in groups and ignore their children as they run around and take over the whole beach. 4 Orthodox families with kids at the beach turns into 25-40 people in one group that will not interact with anyone else, and not make way or room for anyone else.

        Yet they will steal all that welfare money.

        Do those Christians you speak of arrange their lives and jobs solely based on stealing from the govt? Do they have religious leaders that cover up those lies. Do Christians have special schools that take public money yet only accept Christians students? Do Christian schools bus their students based on sexism?

        Oh wait, its only the Orthodox that do that.

        Tell me again about that antisemitism. Seems like if the shoe fits, they should wear it. They are not wanted anywhere in the world. Daily we see in the news how dirty they are.

        Will they defend you like you defend them??

        Do you somehow not pay higher taxes bc of their theft like everyone else does?

        You’re weak.

      • Andy Pat

        Just curious, with such an angry dissertation and your calling me a “pussy” based on my comment, do You consider yourself a Christian? If so, please go talk these feelings over with one of Your religious leaders, and get back to me.

  • Bill Zapcic

    Pretty old file photo. Many of the people named are no longer on council.

    • Jack Mac

      Not up to date why not important??

    • Andy Pat

      Many??? Who besides Moore is no longer on Council??

  • Jack Mac

    That’s going to a show to watch At reservoir and Windard .. wasn’t there a fee to. Have affairs there already what will be the change