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Brick to Extend Plan to Fill Empty Storefronts

A sign advertises commercial leasing at the Laurel Square shopping center.
A sign advertises commercial leasing at the Laurel Square shopping center.

Mayor John Ducey initiative to fill empty storefronts around Brick Township will be extended through the end of 2018 under an ordinance introduced Tuesday night.

The program, which was first implemented in 2015, is designed to encourage prospective business owners to come to Brick and fill existing vacant commercial space by waiving various building department fees.

Dubbed the “Storefront Revitalization Program,” the township waives permit and inspection fees if a business chooses to move into a location that has been vacant for more than a year and is 5,000 square feet or less in area.


The program has been utilized by many businesses, with the latest coming just days ago, when a counseling practice moved into a long-vacant storefront in the Yorktowne Plaza shopping center.

“Most of the small vacancies around town have been filled,” said Ducey. “We’re waiting on some of the larger ones, but the smaller ones have been filled, partly due to this ordinance.”

“We get government out of the picture, in terms of money,” said Ducey, which could make a difference in persuading a business to move to Brick instead of a neighboring town where fees are attached to a business opening. “We still do the inspections and plan reviews, but we waive the fees.”

  • Marley

    I recommend the town try to lure Pei Wei to the area. Best Thai food restaurant I’ve been to and the nearest one is in Princeton.

    • KaayC

      Have you been to Koi?

  • Carolee Moore

    We need a TJ Max or a Home Goods in Brick. No more fast food or chain restaurants.

    • shorekitten

      Marshalls, who we already have in Brick owns both of those, so not likely that they will bring in separate stores. Would be nice if they could expand the Home Goods section of the Marshalls store, but no room in the Kohls/Shop Rite plaza.

      • 205167117

        Check out Kirkland

      • Carolee Moore

        In toms river they have a Home Goods and a Marshalls in the same shopping center. They can put the Home good where sports authority was before it closed. that is a huge store.

      • KaayC

        They lost their chance where Kirkland went! I cant see that store making it. There’s nothing much to choose from.

    • 205167117

      Kirkland just came in a few doors down from Marshalls. Very similar to Home Goods.

      • KaayC

        They dont hold a candle to Home Goods – just lots of sachet, candles and cheap, oversized wall art. All pomp no circumstance. I agree with Carolee. Nordstroms Rack would be even better than TJ’s. Also why are we still without a supermarket in North Brick? What happened to that idea? Pt. Pleasant is loving my food dollars.

      • 205167117

        I agree but what they have is priced well.

      • KaayC

        Fair prices but once you buy a thing or two you have been there done that. HomeGoods wider variety by far.

      • ThatGuy

        Bc Walmart, thats why there is no grocery store in North Brick

      • KaayC

        As I have expressed many times, Walmart “ain’t now and never been a real food store” Human beings cannot thrive on the crap they peddle – only Walmartians! The pennies they save consuming that junk is dollars they waste on healthcare because of third-rate pretend food consumption. You are correct that in a false economy phenomenon Walmart put stores out of business. Many end up shopping there by default due to no other options. I hope they get some competition soon.

  • Kimberleely

    They will not charge the fees to these new businesses because they gorged Sandy victims !

  • Jack Mac

    The white hat appearance and shaking hands and kissing babies it’s a election year how about more info on fighting the drug problem in town it’s out of control

    • realcheeseyo

      So explain to me how a small town Mayor is going to single handedly fight a national epidemic.

      • Jack Mac

        I wasnt talking national just concerned local brick more police to patrol problem areas and follow up

  • Frank Rizzo

    Soon they will make yeahivas out of these abandoned shopping centers. Retail is dead.

  • Jack Mac

    How many empties are there large and small building ….I know of at least 10 probably more ??? Huge task ahead of mayor and council I don’t believe they can or will do it !!

    • KaayC


  • Nan

    Suggest read my post of a few moments ago about the Mansion Parking.

    Did Mayor Ducey actually engage the residents of Brick – all the residents to find out our needs and wants?

    No because there is no forum where or which will allow for this engagement. Turning the Mansion into a community center would have been great. Residents could generally get there. Would have access to somewhat affordable food establishments and retail stores.

    In time there will be none because the attitude of many businesses and not addressed by government is to make us prisoners in our dwelling – the ghetto of the 21 C if you will. Those not versed in or unable and or unwilling to do on-line buying will be left out of the equation.

    When I attended Mayor Scarpelli’s Sr Advisory Committee as representative of Greenbriar II HOA, Inc Alan Cohen put the Mayor’s desire to us for a publication to reach those not living in commoniinterest-communities with newsletters of and by the residents could be kept up to date. It was all a Campaign ploy and is again. The committees comments were not accepted nor acted upon.