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Son of Former Brick Mayor Dies After Jump from NYC Building

Glenn Scarpelli

A former Brick resident who was the son of a longtime mayor jumped from a building in Manhattan with his wife Friday, ending their lives.

The suicidal jump claimed the lives of Glenn Scarpelli and his wife, Patrician Colant. Scarpelli, 53, was the son of former mayor Joseph C. Scarpelli. 

The incident produced headlines in New York on Friday, with the New York Post reporting the couple left two suicide notes asking that their children be taken care of. A source said the couple was deeply in debt and facing federal tax liens.


The couple plunged to their deaths from a 17-story window at a building on 33rd Street between Park and Madison avenues, according to an NYPD spokesperson, while pedestrians were passing by at 5:45 a.m. 

The tragic jump came after Scarpelli wrote a note titled, “We had a wonderful life.”

The couple had children ages 19 and 20, the Post reported. Scarpelli worked as a chiropractor in New York.

  • Long time local

    What the hell? So sad….didn’t he used to practice here in Brick years ago?

    • Sal Marino

      Yes. He was on Route 88 across from Kinney Pools.

      • Kieth Stone

        No, That was Craig Scarpelli who was in that strip mall

      • Sal Marino

        Yes Keith. You are right. I stand corrected. Wasn’t sure of the first name.

  • avp0713

    I’m saddened to hear this. My heart goes out to their family.

    • Patrick Clark

      I’m sorry to say and I’m not a hateful person but I have absolutely no sympathy for this family. It sounds like father and son are very much alike and the apple didn’t fall or from the tree in this case. The only ones I feel sorry for those two children because they have to live their lives knowing what degenerate scumbags both their father and their grandfather were in screwing people over for money. Mayor Scarpelli was by far the absolute worst thing that ever happened to brick Township the place I will always call Home no matter how far life is taking me and living there was such a pleasure growing up until he took over as mayor and destroyed the town as we knew it, jack the taxes up so high that lifelong residents couldn’t afford to live in their homes anymore and all so he could steal money and take bribes to sell off every inch of our fine town for his own corrupt needs. Then sadly the law failed us once again and allowed these bums to get away with it. And after stealing millions of dollars at the expense of brick Township taxpayers all he did was get a slap on the wrist in a couple years in a minimum-security facility on Fort Dix. There’s no way his son a simple chiropractor was affording to live the lifestyle he was living off of just his own income and I’m sure with no doubt that is thieving father and the corrupt money is what allowed him to live a lavish lifestyle in Manhattan in the first place. So in closing all I will say is God bless those two boys and hopefully they get as far away from the Scarpelli family as possible so that they don’t turn out to be just like their father and their grandfather.

  • Meryl Levine

    What a sad ending to ones life not to mention their poor children. My heart goes out to the family…

  • Linda Reid-Kenny

    So sad that they thought that was the only solution.

    • Insecure Webform


      • Cheryl Carey Jandoli

        Not brave like someone who makes anonymous comments.

      • Firstname Lastname

        I’m not committing suicide despite the hardships I’ve had.
        Anyone giving their real names on unprotected social media just begs for identity theft.

  • Kimberleely

    Over money ? There has to be more, to this tragedy.

    • calvin grubbs

      That’s what I think

  • jamiemuff36

    In a way it seems cowardly what they did, but I probably would have done the same thing. Money is the root of all evil.

    • Mamie Eng-land

      I could never abandon my children like that. I suffer every day with many illnesses. As much as I feel I have no life my child is what keeps me from wanting to die; and it’s not because she takes care of me, but because I love her very much and I need to know that the child I gave birth to has her mother for as long as possible.

      • Chris

        Mamie, thank u for your beautiful comments! You are a special kind of person!

    • Mike Ryan

      The debt doesn’t go away… They simply strapped their kids with it now. Even if they had life insurance, suicide makes it null and void. Very tragic… but I feel more for the situation they left their kids in rather than them.

    • Long time local

      LUST for money is the root of all evil.

  • Waylon Dowd

    I am a friend of Glenn Scarpelli’s brother-in-law, and went to school with his sister. This is a terribly tragic event. I know that this hurts the entire family in a deep way. I wish for better days for them.

  • calvin grubbs

    What happened to the fake headlines saying they jumped because the republicans were trying to get rid of obamacare?

    • Bill Clay

      It’s like the fake headlines when Trump lies that he didn’t lose the popular vote.

    • Mamie Eng-land

      Not the time, but, it is a funny comment.

    • Adam Klapow

      Ya, that’s spliced in to the New York post article as one of the most bizarre afterthoughts I’ve seen in an article before. It makes no sense. Frankly the whole thing doesn’t make a lot of sense. Look up Jack Morris in relation to the Joseph Scarpelli conviction. Then look up Jack Morris and trump. The gol durn ruler is turning me into a conspiracy theorist. unlike a true conspiracy theorist, I’m not going to claim that what I am pointing out is anything more than something I’d like trained reporter or detective to look into. But the whole thing seems off. The fact that there is a seedy connection in the family is very interesting. By the way, folks who owe money to banks, and potentially have connections to seedy folks, might just owe them money as well. They have different ways of collecting debts.

  • Bob

    It’s so hard to fathom that taking your own life is the best and/or only solution. I’m particularly sad for the children. Horrible tragedy!

  • Chief Wahoo

    Sounds like he ran out of other people’s money. That’s what a corrupt crony ponzi fiat system, that his father was a part of, does to you when you can no longer keep up on the hamster wheel. So Bricktucky, Enjoy running faster and faster , the wheels are about to double in speed this Fall. …….. RIP

    • Dr Dave

      Wahoo – go get a life. YOU don’t know the details of anything that happened. Was personal friends with Glenn Scarpelli and his wife – there weren’t 2 better people in this world. Who are you to make judgements? Stop displaying your ignorance online. You’re just a sorry piece of s**t There is more to this that will come out – I guarantee it.

      • Late Night Comedian

        Dr. Dave-go get a life. YOU dont know Wahoo. Who are you to make judgements?
        You are judging The Chief for judging others.
        See the irony?

      • Dr Dave

        Thanks -, not judging you at all – you just didn’t know these people. I did. Enough said. Don’t care to judge you as you have no clue as to what has happened. Am not basing my opinion of you on anything but your response. You just seem to have misinformed info and a limited opinion. Why don’;t you spend your time on something you can actually change instead of pontificating on something you know NOTHING about.

      • Chris

        Right, he’s from such a good family, right?

    • sss

      You are so arrongant. Do not speak about what you don’t know or understand

    • sss

      Mayor Scarpelli was one of the best mayors Brick ever had. You are an ignorant person who believe every headline he sees. You are what is corrupt in this world

      • Late Night Comedian

        You must be a lying , no good , rotten , bribe soliciting, extortionist just like the admitted, convicted federal prison excon Joe Scarpelli , if you think he was a good mayor.

        My condolences to the Scarpelli family.
        The sins of a father should not be visited upon his sons.

      • sss

        You are a joke. Disrespectaful. Id like to see what impact you’ve had on society besides posting rude negative comments behind a screen. You are a coward. If only you understood all the good that man has down for this town. You have no right to put blame on anyone. Wonder what would happen if your life was broadcasted. Use your freedom of speech on something better than trolling the internet

      • Late Night Comedian

        Blow me! He is a rotten thief that screwed every taxpayer in town!
        I know more than you realize. Good people dont extort honest hardworking contractors and they dont betray the trust of honest hard working taxpayers and they dont use public positions and tax dollars for personal gains and profit, for many, many years over and over and over again!

        Again, this is nothing to do with the son who I did know at one time.

      • Jack Mac

        This isn’t a political story it’s a story of two parents who lost control and figured this was the only way out very sad ! My sympathies to the kids and family .

      • Chris

        He was indicted for fraud and served 18 months in Federal Prison. Must have been such a travesty!

    • Mamie Eng-land

      Maybe. We’ll never know

  • Frank Rizzo

    Has to be more to this story…

    • Mamie Eng-land


    • Gail Ferraiolo

      Absolutely! Maybe dealing a ponzie scheme and it caught up with them! Said for the family!

    • Late Night Comedian

      Loan sharks ?

  • Late Night Comedian

    Mental illness, depression and despair are a terrible thing.

  • Dan Clancy

    Very sad. You decide to have kids, guess what you do not do this to your children. He wrote a note “we had a wonderful life”? Really? Nothing more than a selfish coward.

    • Mamie Eng-land

      Agree. Whatever ur problems u can’t be selfish and just leap from your children’s lives. They didn’t ask to be born. As parents we hold a precious responsibility. I don’t care who u are.

  • Ferretface

    I figured one of them would do a fake jump and collect on the insurance policy they took out on the other one.

  • Ginny Metzler Sofran

    what a shame I used to live in Brick 20 years ago, , He came from a nice family

    • Chris

      A nice family? His father was mayor of Brick and was indicted for taking bribes and served 18 months in Federal prison…. ok….

      • Adam Klapow

        Aaaaaannnndddddd, one of the guys who gave his dad the bribe was Jack Morris, a real estate developer whose had all kinds of shady dealings over the years. One recent interesting thing that Jack Morris did, was to buy(with his partners and another investment group) Trump’s Taj Mahal, just this year, in good old Atlantic City. The suicide notes are really weird. If you were in financial trouble with your spouse, do you thin that you’d both go along with committing suicide? Maybe.

      • Late Night Comedian

        Not the first people connected to crooked Mayor Scarpelli to commit suicide under strange circumstances.

  • melinda

    Very tragic. Prayers to the children.

  • Daisydogs

    Very sad, 2 people are gone because they thought this was a solution. Their poor children and relatives will have to live with this for the rest of their lives. Prayers to the children and the family. May they rest in peace

  • baylady

    OMG, this is so sad. My condolences to the family and may they rest in peace.

  • jcmarlton

    The first article this morning said one of the notes said they were buried in medical bills and couldnt pay them. Wow—they could have filed bankruptcy instead of killing themselves leaving their kids without parents. How selfish is that.

  • Surfrider

    Sorry, but to cut out on your children like that, can’t get any family help(?), sympathy only to the family left behind……………

  • Terry Mesce

    so sad

  • Jack Mac

    Has anyone found out if thet ever went for professional help or did they just give up …this is very sad …my deepest condolences to the family

  • dr tony cellini

    The lamest reporting this week from Daily News – you outdid yourselves, boys. . Yeah right– they “jumped to their deaths” for a $200k debt ….? in Manhattan?? that’s the average student loan of a DC graduate these days. people don’t even blink with a debt like that. and to the IRS? right. and of course every suicide always TYPES a note of explanation and has the foresight to put it in a baggy… oh sure!!!

    There’s too much more to this story that pop press isn’t saying– of course we all know that DN writers are only allowed to spend 15 minutes on google investigating any story right? but what about Dr Scarpelli’s outspoken views on vaccines?? or how about chiropractic replacing the need for vicodin, ibuprofen, etc? and how does this fit in with the other 60 or 70 holistic practitioners who have met mysterious ends in the past 2 years? google Dr Jeff Bradstreet…..

    and why would both parents jump??? she wasn’t in debt. people don’t kill themselves because of moderate debt, especially busy professionals who are parents… good thing DN’s readership is the most undiscriminating, inattentive of all demographics. Guess you trained them that way, right? — what about follow up?? how about the newer reports from the other sources talking about the screaming heard by all the neighbors coming from the office where they jumped…??/ do suicides usually scream right before they jump??? without getting too area 51 on you, this story has big pharma written all over it..

    can’t you afford some actual reporters???? are your editors actually buying this story themselves, or more like sitting around the office shooting paper clips at each other saying “Look at what we sold them now!…..people are so dumb…”

    Dr Tim O’Shea

    San Jose California