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Brick Police Charge Local Woman With Credit Card Theft After Receiving Tips

Handcuffs (Shorebeat File Photo/ banspy/ Flickr
Handcuffs (Shorebeat File Photo/ banspy/ Flickr)

Brick police thanked the public for their help in an investigation which led to the arrest of a local woman for credit card theft that occurred Aug. 15.

The charges were made at 7-Eleven on Chambersbridge Road in the amount of $55.58, then another $357.73 at DSW Shoes and an attempt was made at the Beauty Store in Brick Plaza in the amount of $145.94.

The suspect, Katie Meo, 25, of Toms River, went to police headquarters Wednesday to turn herself in for the thefts and was charged by Detective Michael Bevacqua with, theft of a computer access device for using another personโ€™s ATM card in several stores.


Meo was processed at headquarters and released.

  • Richard Zigari

    She should have been processed then made to pay the money back after apologizing…..then get the shit beat out of her by the people she stole from!

    • Andy Pat

      Wow! Really! What should be the penalty for selling your country down the river to make some extra money on real estate deals???

      • Richard Zigari

        what does that have anything to do with someone stealing a credit card and using it illegally? Are you one of those wussy crybaby liberals, still bitching because you lost the election?

      • Andy Pat

        it has to do with crime and punishment; it has to do with law and order
        now if a petty thief deserves what you say what does one who betrays their country deserve?
        Not that hard of a question

      • Richard Zigari

        Petty thief or what have you…..it shouldn’t be done. Not sure what your parents taught you but you just don’t steal. Bottom line . Yeah my idea of a punishment may sound harsh, but if she was my kid and did something like that. I’d beat the shit out of her.

        Maybe she wouldn’t do it again.

        Take a life …..lose your life.

        Please stop talking about a president that you don’t like. It still has nothing to do with the discussion.

        Oh and I’m sure Mrs Clinton had no blood on her hands to further her agenda. See again that has nothing to do with what this thief did.

      • Richard Zigari

        The same for deleting information requested in an investigation.

        Also please what would your evidence be that the country was sold?

        You mean like Mr Obama….yes Mr Obama ( he wasn’t my President) giving all the money back to Iran?

      • Andy Pat

        I believe Clinton was investigated for many things. I think it was essentially a “witch hunt” that I believe resulted in no charges. Your lying POS of a president should be half as fortunate when his investigations is over. I think in addition to his crimes related to the election, many of his financial crimes will also be exposed. Maybe you and I should have a little friendly bet as to the end results?

  • realcheeseyo