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Cops: Man Reportedly Grabbed Wrist of Child, 10, in Brick Walmart

Brick Twp. Police car. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Brick Twp. Police car. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Brick police are investigating a report of a man grabbing the wrist of a child inside the township’s Walmart store.

Officer Raymond LaPoint was patrolling the parking lot of the Walmart store at 12:26 p.m. when he received a call about the incident, which was said to have occurred inside.

A man described as a white, older male attempted to grab the wrist of a 10-year-old boy inside the Walmart store. The incident was reported by the boy to his mother, who was several feet away from him when the reported incident occurred.  


The male was described as a white older male, with white or gray hair wearing a dark colored baseball cap, 5’10-6’0” with a medium build. The suspect made no statements to the child and left the area when the child pulled his arm free, police said.

This investigation is ongoing. Anyone who has information on the identity of the suspect or may have witnessed the incident is being asked to contact Detective Tara Schinder at 732-262-1115.

  • Les Goldberg

    Umm keep an eye on your kids not the sale on pop tarts

  • Ray Esler

    How about a photo of this perv, so that we know who the hell we’re looking for. Use you’re head.

  • Nan

    I for one want to know the color of the skin of the boy. Could this be an example of white on black crime or white on white. Just wondering. Also wondering what races currently inhabit the USA. We talk racism. Most of us described as Caucasian have nothing to do with a heritage in the Caucuses. Time to use skin color as a description and not for a proof of race.

    • TJ&TAW

      The problem is while those of us using common sense would see what you say as good for description and awareness the liberals scream profiling. As long as they are running things common sense will not apply.