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Foodtown Redevelopers Must Prepare State-Required Studies Before Construction Begins

The 'Superdome' in Waldwick, N.J. (File Photo)
The ‘Superdome’ in Waldwick, N.J. (File Photo)

Brick mayor John Ducey said this week that the former Foodtown site on Route 70 must receive permits from both the state Department of Transportation as well as the Department of Environmental Protection before construction on a shopping center and indoor sports complex can begin.

Both agencies require various engineering studies to be submitted to Trenton before the project can get off the ground. The transportation study is required because the property fronts Route 70, a state highway, and the environmental study is required because of the state’s Coastal Areas Facilities Review Act, which sets regulations on development in areas close to the coast. The traffic study is already underway.

“He has started to do his studies because the DOT is going to be the longest part of this process,” said Ducey.


The environmental study portion of the process has not yet begun since formal plans are required before a CAFRA permit can be issued. A conceptual plan has been proposed by two redevelopers, Jack Morris and Peter Tasca, but no formal documents have been submitted to the planning board.

Earlier this year, Brick settled a lawsuit with Morris, who sued after Ducey terminated his contract to develop the site following years of inaction. The settlement will give Morris the ability to construct retail and restaurant space on a small portion of the site, with Tasca building a 79,000 square foot indoor sports dome behind it.

  • Adrianna Boeni

    More traffic in an already congested area.Brick used to be a nice town but is now being literaly OVERRUN by developers. Please turn this down.

    • 205167117

      Something is going there one way or another. I’d rather see trees but I’ll settle for something besides condominiums.

    • Creepy Green Light

      What does Robert have to say about this?

  • MAGA

    Where is the money from our open space tax going? This is open space and we are selling it to be developed.
    End the open space tax now.

  • MAGA

    We are going to look at a giant , ugly bubble every day once this thing is built.

    • realcheeseyo

      Or you could move. Maybe do that.

      • MAGA

        Who would your mother give oral to if I moved away?

  • Surfrider

    o boy! It should be open space you are right. Plant some trees, get rid of the macadam, it would make a nice little park and place to go to relax, especially with Forge Pond backdrop……….

  • walter.f.campbell

    This is a Political Smokescreen by Dem’s : There is only 6 buildable acres to use!! rec.ctr.needs most of it….M&M strip mall needs part of it….NJ.Trans. for a by-pass.Who is kidding who???

  • Mark Story Jenks

    The state has created its own big problem, when they forbid much of the ground-up building from leaving the site because of lead paint or asbestos contamination. It was the state that instructed the demo guys to leave the material on site, filling in the recessed loading dock area.
    Now the state rocket scientists will be scratching their heads trying to figure out what to do with it.
    You watch.

  • Nan

    After all these years and they still do not know what needs to be done to be compliant with regulations.

    No, I am not as gullible as many in Brick. Walt Campbell is correct this is a smokescreen done by the Dems. It is meant to distract us and then they will do whatever was up their sleeve all the time.

    As I advocated in 2009 G.R.I.P. Get rid of incumbent politicians. I now append it to include Do not Elect Retreads. Leaves me with no only one Candidate for Mayor or to align some people and educate them on how to do a write-in and for us to select the Candidate we feel worthy of backing.

  • Nan

    Charlatans, Charlatans all around to 53 miles of waterfront land more fierce than alligators.

    God Help US.