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Former GOP Councilwoman to Run for Brick Mayor

Ruthanne Scaturro (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Ruthanne Scaturro (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Brick Republican officials formally announced that former councilwoman Ruthanne Scaturro will replace Domenick Brando on this year’s election ballot to represent her party in the mayoral race.

Scaturro, who served on the council from 2003 through 2011, will challenge incumbent Democratic mayor John Ducey, who is running for his second term. Brando told Shorebeat this week that he was dropping out of the race due to health concerns – specifically, a condition which may require surgery and a lengthy recovery period.

The Brick Republican County Committee met Tuesday night and selected Scaturro to replace him, saying in a statement that the former councilwoman “enters the race as an experienced-on hands servant for her community.”


Scaturro is a retired controller at Ferguson Enterprises and a resident of Lions Head South retirement community. In the statement, Scaturro said, “After very serious consideration, the decision to return to public life was based on my observation that our once beautiful and safe town has deteriorated the past four years under Mayor Ducey’s leadership.”

Ducey, however, has touted a tax cut this year as well as progress on renovating parks and bringing pro-business programs to town as major successes during his first term.

Scaturro promised “an energetic and a viable campaign with the support of the Republican Party and any and all residents who believe we can build a better Brick together. “

  • MAGA

    Congratulations to Mayor Douchey on his win for second term. Scaturro doesnt stand a chance.

  • Andy Pat

    Is not denying Ebert (who came in second in the Repub primary) an insult to the voters?
    Political hack Scaturro, and her disgraced husband, couldn’t shine Ducey’s shoes with respect to managing this town. Both Brando and Scaturro were tainted by Acropolis, and that team’s complete mismanagement of the township.

  • 205167117

    Can someone please tell me why they have a primary election? What’s the point if the one who wins can just hand off the spot to someone the public didn’t get behind? The other candidate deserves that spot.

    • Andy Pat

      I think Ruthanne herself should answer the questions you pose.

  • Chief Wahoo

    I hope she runs on NOT taking health insurance. That’s usually a winning formula. And she can still take it the day after she is elected as no one cares if u lie to get elected.

  • Andy Pat

    She already gets benefits form hubby’s “job”. She WILL run on not taking bennies. But if she wins she WILL take the buyout!