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Interchange 91 Entrance, Exit Ramps Expected to Open Thursday and Friday

A yet-to-be-opened entrance to the Garden State Parkway at interchange 91 in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
A yet-to-be-opened entrance to the Garden State Parkway at interchange 91 in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

A new entrance ramp to the Garden State Parkway’s northbound lanes in Brick will open Thursday, and an exit from the northbound Parkway onto Burrsville Road is expected to open in the early morning hours Friday, Ocean County officials said this week.

“The extensive work at Interchange 91 in Brick Township is drawing to a close,” said Ocean County Freeholder Jack Kelly. “It’s important motorists are aware that these changes are being implemented. We anticipate the project to be complete by month’s end.”

Changes also will include closure of the existing northbound Garden State Parkway ramp on Burnt Tavern Road and the traffic signal at Burnt Tavern Road and Dave Reid Road will be deactivated and removed. Once this ramp is closed it will not be reopened, officials said. Motorists entering the northbound Parkway will need to use the new ramp.


The entrance ramp is expected to be opened during the day Thursday. The exit ramp is scheduled to open at approximately 3 a.m. Friday morning.

Signage will be posted along north and southbound Burrsville Road and eastbound Burnt Tavern Road instructing drivers to use the new northbound entrance ramps. Westbound Burnt Tavern Road drivers are encouraged to use the new northbound entrance ramp on Lanes Mill Road that was opened Aug. 10.

“On Aug. 30 we expect construction of Lanes Mill Road and Burnt Tavern Road to be completed and the final signal configuration is expected to be activated,” said Kelly, liaison to the Ocean County Engineering Department. Upon completion of this work, Interchange 91 will be in its final configuration.

There will be some additional closeout work in the area, including lights and landscaping.

The project was designed and led by the county, with some state and federal funding. Previously, interchange 91 had allowed only northbound vehicles to enter the Parkway, while only southbound traffic could exit.

“The improvements are expected to increase the level of performance on the roadway now and 20 years into the future,” Kelly said.

Once completed the project will provide:

  • A new northbound entrance ramp from Burnt Tavern Road and Lanes Mill Road, with access to the Park-N-Ride lot on the east side of the Parkway.
  • A second northbound entrance ramp for vehicles traveling eastbound on Burnt Tavern Road. This ramp will also allow access from Burrsville Road. The single existing northbound ramp will be eliminated.
  • A new northbound exit ramp linking the Parkway and Burrsville Road.
  • A new southbound entrance ramp for traffic heading west on Burnt Tavern Road.
  • A second southbound entrance ramp linking Lanes Mill Road with the Parkway. Herborn Avenue would be extended south and east to Lanes Mill Road, where it would meet the new entrance ramp at a signaled intersection.
  • Southbound Parkway traffic could exit at the existing ramp or continue under the Burnt Tavern Road Bridge and use a new ramp that will link with Lanes Mill Road at a second new signaled interchange.

  • Kieth Stone

    Dave Reid Road? Really? How long has it been Burrsville?

    • Pete d

      At least 30 years

      • Andy Pat

        At least 48. I moved to the Lakewood Gardens subdivision of Brick( the neighborhood bounded by Burrsville/Jack Martin/Rt 88/and the Parkway) in 1969. It was Burrsville then. BTW, Burrsville is a county road. Its horrible condition and maintenance falls on your County Freeholders. It has been flooding regularly for over 10 years. The most they do when it floods is put a cone out. As the primary conduit for Brick commuters heading north on GSP, the county has cost commuters an incalculable amount in car repairs and increased accident rates.

    • avgjoe

      what road do you think it is keithy?

      • Kieth Stone

        I was simply questioning why, in the article, it was being referred to as Dave Reid Rd. when, it has been Burrsville Rd. for at least 48 years, Joey.

      • Samantha

        it has never been burrsville, you are thinking of the wrong road

      • avgjoe

        Sorry my fault miss read the question

    • MAGA

      Burrsville rd used to come to a fork in the road before they made the jughandle behind 7-11. One side of fork went to Parkway and other part went to Lanes Mill.
      Maybe that Jughandle is Dave Reid road.
      Before the parkway was built in the 50s, Lanes mill Rd went from Herbertsville rd across Burnt Tavern rd, behind where 7-11 is now and then to the Bowling Alley on Rt 88 .
      The Parkway cut it in half and there is a dead end road where the double traffic lights are now over by Bricktown Liquors.

      • Kieth Stone

        That makes the most sense.
        My gps has me turn onto Sage Rd. which is the jug handle where the bank was. Allenwood lane is the jughandle behind the dentist and the preschool.
        Just never heard or have seen the name Dave Reid on any map. I did find a reference to it on the Brick Historical Society:

        Burrsville Road, (once called Dave Reid Road) the Burrsville Road name came from the Burr family that once operated an iron forge at Forge Mill Pond on Route 70, and whose family home is located on the road.

        Thanks MAGA for your insight!

      • Andy Pat

        I actually have tax maps from mid 70s showing it as Dave Reid Road although it was definitely Burrsville at that point

  • shorekitten

    And please for goodness sake repave Burnt Tavern, Burrsville and Lanes Mill. More than once I’ve thought I was going to loose car parts.

  • avgjoe

    And this project shows NJ corruption at its finest the south bound ramps were open back in April & the rest of the construction on the Parkway has been done for over a year. It amazes me no one has questioned this

  • realcheeseyo

    The bridge being one lane on one side then randomly going to two feels weird. This whole thing was planned poorly.