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Teacher, Pre-School Owner, Labor Union Official File to Run for Brick BOE


Brick Township Board of Education/Schools (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Brick Township Board of Education/Schools (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Three candidates, including one incumbent, have filed to run for two available seats on the Brick Township Board of Education in November.

Monday was the filing deadline for candidates in the election, which is considered nonpartisan (though candidates are often aligned with a political party).

Incumbent board member John Barton, whose first term is up at the end of the year, is seeking re-election. Barton, a teacher, lives on Lake Shore Drive.


His is being opposed by Jessica Clayton, who runs a pre-school from her home on Altier Avenue. Clayton is aligned with the Green Party.

Finally, Maria E. Foster of Commodore Drive, who is also Director of Government and Community Affairs at the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 711, is seeking a board seat. Foster was also a Democratic appointee to the Board of Commissioners of the Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority.

The terms of Barton and fellow board member Sharon Cantillo expire at the end of the year. Cantillo did not file to run for re-election.

  • Mike Morton

    Its time for some new thinking on the BoE. Before you dismiss Jessica Clayton because of her affiliation with the Green Party, which would be shortsighted as the Green Party’s stand on the issues that count today is strong, check out her positions on the issues. (https://jessica-clayton.wixsite.com/jclaytonboe/platform). It makes sense to me.

  • Al Clayton

    Jessica Clayton is more than a preschool owner. She has been an educator of young children for over 15 years. She is an advocate for children’s rights. She is a well respected peer among the nature & play based community.

    I think her rejection of the 2 party system makes her a strong, independent candidate who can look beyond politics and do what’s best for Brick Schools.

  • Mac

    If you vote for more of the same, then you will surely get it, just as you have been time after time after time in the last half of this century since WWI. There is no such thing in NJ as non-partisan (or non-corrupt.) If it is labeled a Republican or Democrat, it’s corrupt, not correct, as Americans have been so successfully and thoroughly programmed throughout the past few decades to accept as their only reality.

  • Jack Mac

    Clean sweep the whole damn group

  • Tom

    Thanks for the website! As a fellow teacher Mrs. Clayton is on point. I hope when she gets elected, the public and her can influence the board on her stance on PARCC.
    Will she be holding a meet and greet? I would not mind talking to her on other educational issues that we probably have the same stance on!

    • Al Clayton

      Thanks for taking the time to check it out. Jess is away this week at Green Mountain Teachers’ Camp. She conducts a couple of professional development workshops every year.

      If you email Jclayton4boe@gmail.com, I’ll make sure you get notified about any meet & greet opportunities.

      • 205167117

        I only bring this up because at first glance I like what I see about her. My only concern is that she’s running a preschool and as a School Board member it would seem that could create some type of conflict of interest. This is not meant to be negative, only to bring to light something the traditional parties might focus against of she gains popularity. Good luck

      • Al Clayton

        Interesting point. I’m not sure conflict would apply considering her school is essentially a home business, not governed by the School Board. Riverside Rhymes LLC Nature Play School, falls under CHS, NJ oversight as a family child care. Hope that alleviates your concerns. Many thanks for your comment.

      • 205167117

        I think I’m misunderstanding the school. Does it take the place of any public school or is it more of a pre-K, day care type situation? I checked out the site and got a different feeling than I first assumed.

      • Al Clayton

        It’s basically a home daycare, but she runs it like a nature based, child directed, play centered preschool. The link to her business page is here: http://jessica-clayton.wixsite.com/riversiderhymes

      • 205167117

        I see no issue. I thought it was an alternative school. As long as she’s not providing an alternative to public school then I see no problem.

        I’d say the owners of other businesses like that might have an issue with it but with it being home based I have to assume there’s a cap on the amount of kids that attend. I also have to assume that someone like her hit that cap a long time ago which kind of removes any issue that would arise. If the business doesn’t expand after she would be elected then it’s really a moot point.

        Referring to it as a School is one of those things that with an honest eye you’d think is a good look but the safe play is to put it out there that it’s a day care. Just my opinion, good luck I’ll be keeping her in mind.

      • 205167117

        I didn’t forget about this conversation, good luck today!

  • Nan

    It is time for US to take back out country the – USA. To do so we have to start at the bottom of the pile of do nothing politicians, local governmental groups such as the School BD and Township (non) representatives. The word “often” is the report is misleading it is almost always partisan. The political clubs back candidates most times covertly. I will support Jessica Clayton because she indicates she is not a member of either group of sycophants. If anyone decides to run whom I could respect I would be happy to assist by encouraging write-in votes. If you consider to do a write-in make sure you have the name exact as it is on the election registration of the person for whom you wish to cast your vote.