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Former Brick Housing Authority Director Gets Probation in Embezzlement Case

Alesia Watson (right), executive director of the Housing Authority of the Township of Brick.
Alesia Watson (right), executive director of the Housing Authority of the Township of Brick.

The former director of the Brick Township housing authority was sentenced to a probationary term for taking funds from a different authority for personal use.

Alesia Watson, 54, of Galloway, was sentenced to three years of probation for embezzling federal funds from the Ocean City Housing Authority. Watson, who previous had to resign from the Atlantic City housing authority over prior financial offenses, served concurrently as director of the Brick and Ocean City authorities, spending part of her week at each.  In a March 2015 interview with Shorebeat, Watson spoke openly about her prior convictions.

Watson was also ordered to pay restitution of $8,050, Acting U.S. Attorney William E. Fitzpatrick announced Thursday. Watson was never charged with stealing funds from the Brick authority.


According to prosecutors, as executive director, Watson had access to two credit cards maintained by the Ocean City Housing Authority. From December 2013 through March 2015, Watson purchased 69 MasterCard gift cards using these two OCHA credit cards.

She used the gift cards for personal expenses not associated with OCHA or provided them to friends and family members. Watson then used federal funds received from HUD and administered by OCHA to pay the credit card bills associated with the purchase of the gift cards. According to the plea agreement, the loss associated with the embezzlement was more than $6,500 but less than $15,000.

  • east coast resident

    This woman had prior convictions of theft of public funds. Why was she not put in prison, since this was the second time that she was caught? This sets bad precedents for others to steal and get away with it. This is really terrible way of no justice for the taxpayers

    • Mac

      The 5th time she pleaded, or was found, guilty. If not jail time, she should be on probation for life, and definitely shouldn’t be allowed to work in government again on any level. However, with her track record, I’m sure she has overcome the shame of these exposures and will soon set up another government agency to again successfully apply her style of leadership. She certainly seems to know her way around politics and those that embrace her styles, including judges.

  • Goodgrief

    She was on probation and even three months in the county jail might teach her a lesson. All that is happening now is for her stealing is like a sport.

  • MAGA

    Crime dies pay if you are a public employee.

    • Mac

      It’s a game called ‘follow the leader.’

  • Chief Wahoo

    She can steal as much as her grubby little fingers want. I couldn’t Care less. Who are the public TAKERS who hired this thief is what I want to know. It was obvious from Day 1 she was no good.

    Keep paying those property TAXES, the public TAKERS thank you very much for handing over your hard earned money for them to take so easily.

  • Jack Mac

    Great background check I’m sure something had to listed as a risk on resume ..First they place a non-qualified person in a director position and then they place a crook in as director great job mayor. Giving out positions to friends and family still lives on .

  • Jack Mac

    Who did background checks before hiring her if she had convictions. Great job first they place a Nonqualified person in as asst director and was asked to resign for wrong doings and then a crook 0 for 2 .. great job mayor friends and family club continues