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Two Brick Neighborhoods to be Repaved

A newly-paved road. (Credit: Alan Levine/Flickr/File Photo)
A newly-paved road. (Credit: Alan Levine/Flickr/File Photo)

A pair of Brick neighborhoods will be enjoying fresh pavement in the coming months.

Brick officials announced that state funding will help get projects off the ground in the Cedarwood Park and Birchwood Park sections. The Cedarwood Park improvements have already been funded while the Brichwood Park project will be funded under the 2018 capital budget, according to Mayor John Ducey.

The $800,000 project in Cedarwood Park will cover milling and paving of Driver Avenue, East End Avenue, Sterling Avenue, Fairfield Avenue, Barber Avenue, Glenwood Avenue and Harvey Avenue.


In next year’s capital budget, a $900,000 project will be partially funded through a $246,633 state grant. That project covers the milling and repaving of Orangewood Drive, Elmwood Drive, Oakwood Drive, Sprucewood Drive, Larchwood Drive and Boxwood Drive.

  • Glenn

    What about Community Dr & Clubhouse Plz in Cedarwood Park?

  • Mike Gant

    I hope they plan on putting drainage on Harvey Ave. During heavy rain the road always floods.

  • Nan

    When is Brick Township going to act like Elected Officials to safeguard its citizens? For more than 15 years I have pointed out the terrible problem On Burrsville from Jack Martin to the awful merge onto Route 88 heading toward Route 70.

    Eventually, it was admitted , not here in Brick, that there is no sewer or storm drain connection. They were waiting for the Interchange 91 project to include this.

    On December 23 a significant number of years ago my late husband Patrick was bringing me home from a medical procedure and was there was a collision by a car making a right turn from Jack Martin onto this Stretch and Patrick was near the Jack Martin intersection traveling toward Burnt Tavern.

    Oh, I failed to mention there were snow banks on both sides of Burrsvile. As always, there was ice on the bottom of the snowbank.

    God always looks after this naive person and the van We were in stopped just before the curb cut into the Medial center and the Brick Police, some of my heroes, were there in the blink of an eyelash. We were now in a safe area. Even if there had not been a snowbank there is no shoulder on either side. I have no memory of how we actually got home. Maybe because of the General anesthesia, maybe the trauma that I had complained of this problem for several years. In any way God, the Holy Spirit, protected US, including the young man in the auto who really wasn’t at fault. Brick Township and Ocean County Officials were at fault.

    • avgjoe

      um nan you do realize that Burrsville & Jack Martin are both COUNTY roads? You do know Brick is not responsible for county or state roads? If you want these roads fixed contact the county. Its like if you buy items at Walmart you cant complain to Target. Not trying to be snarky but Im amazed at how many people dont know this. AND YES when I worked at target we had imbiciles try to return items marked walmart products to us

  • Kimberleely

    I never had water in front of my home when it rained until they repaved my road. They also have a tendency to butcher your trees and bushes that are near the street so they can bring in the machinery.

  • Nan

    To all the average joes and janes – what I know is that going back to the early 2000s I attended meetings of many groups esp., OATS (Older Americans Traffic Safety) chaired by the late Rodie Lightbody. Roden was an employee of many years in the Ocean County Traffic Engineering. I advocated for Burrsville at Brick Two Council Mtgs., Ocean County Freeholders Meetings, Oats Meetings and more. I was advised then it was a County Rd.

    I also learned that the County as in an immediate previous post is responsible for the paving. The township is responsible for curbing, sidewalks and streetlights.

    I learned that at least this stretch if not all Burrsville was never cut into the sewer or stormwater system.

    I also the attended the Meetings in Brick Township Schools about the anticipated changes to Interchange 91. These were projected to be complete by 2010. I was told at public meetings that Burrsville would be part of the reconstruction and the drainage would be done then.

    We were also “told” we would be kept up to date and have input to all the changes. Guess they knew there would be only one or a handful who would remember these facts and they could ram through anything they darn well pleased and not due anything that might cost money which would severely impact their ongoing careers in elected Office.

    All elected officials have a fiduciary duty to us the voters and us the residents of their prescribed areas. When those in the next higher arena of government do not do their job those in the downstream government have an obligation to demand they do right by us and bring it to the highest authority for us. If they will not act for us throw them out. In fact throw them out before they become the power crazed.