Home Shore Environment Watch: Jose Kicks Up Surf, Erodes Sand at Jersey Shore

Watch: Jose Kicks Up Surf, Erodes Sand at Jersey Shore


The far-outer fringe of Hurricane Jose whipped up surf, blew sand and ate away at Jersey Shore beaches Tuesday.

The storm, a minimal category one hurricane, was hundreds of miles offshore. It was on a northeasterly track away from the U.S. coast, but is likely to remain swirling in the ocean – even a farther distance from shore – for several days.

  • Let’s Roll

    Keep pumping the sand. Its only money.

    • Pete d

      It’s a battle that cannot be won unfortunately

      • Mac

        If the battle wasn’t being won,it wouldn’t be happening. It’s the ‘political contractors’ that are winning big time. The public, not so much. So, what else is new?

        The original mistake was made several decades ago when politicians allowed so many homes and businesses to be built in flood zones, on barrier islands, and low-laying mainland shores and waterways basically overnight. Pure greed. No planning. Originally, almost everyone had a boat though, so only a few actually noticed?

        Since then, we have spent billions as we have tried to patch-up and overcome, time and time again, that original mistake that touted such a ‘non-responsible’ community planning policy. And we will continue to spend billions more to delay what is truly only a real part of life, the will of Mother Nature, because that’s the sole ability of action left in all of our lifetime elected, mentally worn-out, yesterday’s news, career politicians.

        Human arrogance to Mother Nature is a flea bite, at best. It’s a lot like Freeholder Joe Vicari using all of his ‘abilities and skills’ as an Ocean County freeholder to bomb the rusted out USS Pueblo in a North Korean harbor that America could have done anytime she wanted to do it had she wanted to do so. SMH

  • Pete d

    Exactly.. Cannot win. The beach will never be the same. I grew up near Charlie’s Market and know the beach well. That beach will never be “fixed”. The sea reclaimed it. Too many beach front homes.. Not enough beach. It will get hit again and again.

  • Pete d

    Your on the money about contracts being won lol