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State to Return Over $700K in Funding it Cut From Brick Schools

Mayor John Ducey speaks on school funding, June 21, 2017. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Mayor John Ducey speaks on school funding, June 21, 2017. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

New Jersey will return the funding it announced it was cutting earlier this year from the Brick Township school system, officials announced Wednesday morning.

The return of $720,507 in state funding for the district comes after months of lobbying by district officials and local state legislators. The restored funding will be used to purchase items and make improvements that were put off because of the shortfall.

Last spring, the state proposed taking about $1.4 million in funding away from the Brick school districts under a deal hatched by Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto. Gov. Chris Christie agreed as part of the budget wrangling that shut down state government over the Memorial Day holiday. Sweeney and Prieto targeted Brick, Toms River and other districts that receive so-called “transitional aid,” which is aid provided to districts the state determines has too low of a tax rate to support its schools.


The state eventually halved their proposed cuts in aid, but Brick appealed to have the full amount of funding restored, with their arguments focusing on the fact that Brick’s tax base has yet to fully recover from Superstorm Sandy.

Acting Superintendent Dennis Filippone praised the work of Business Administrator James Edwards, and Interim Director, Thomas Gialanella “for their diligent effort to provide the documents and information to the NJ Department of Education outlining the effect the cuts would have on the students and taxpayers of Brick Township,” he said in a statement.

“Mr. Edwards and his staff put many hours into the arduous task of producing the numerous pages of information the NJDOE requested,” he said. “Mr. Edwards and Mr. Gialanella worked with Trenton to provide the professionals with documentation demonstrating that Brick is a low spending district that would be hurt by these cuts.”

Filippone also praised the cooperation from State Sen. James Holzapfel, Assemblymen Dave Wolfe and Greg McGuckin, and 10th District staff member Glen Feldman.

“Without their tireless efforts we would not have had a successful outcome,” said Filippone. “They worked hard to restore our funds and showed how much they cared about our district and students.”

Toms River, which had double the amount of aid slashed as Brick, also had its funding restored Wednesday.

  • KaayC

    Kudos for resisting the insanity wrought by Sweeny and Prieto. Voters, remember those names!!

  • Surfrider

    Also remember the name of phil murphy, who stated in his very weak debate (said nothing how he intends to fund his billion dollar tax increase!), who will raise our property taxes by a substantial margin. Who in their right mind out there feels they do not pay enough real estate taxes, and want to pay more to line the pockets of these corrupt politicians even more? Please , everyone , do a sanity check! Light rail in south jersey, state building rehab, they toss the money down the drains where corrupt politicians siphon there pocket money……………….

  • Lucy Louise

    Now if we can just elect board members in Brick that don’t want to funnel that money to vendors in order to pay back political contributions (they don’t report), we would be in great shape. Get rid of the Clean Slate!

    • Nan

      Let Us Unite to accomplish it. We can hold a meeting and plan. Oh, wait a minute. No facility in Town for non politically affiliated groups who are averse to swearing allegiance to what a tiny band of tiny minds have decided is best for US.

      I learned the following adage a few months ago in connection to the Art ( repurposed Graffiti) in Belfast Ire.and have seen it in connection to events right here in our own backyards:
      “Anything About US, Without US, is NOT FOR US.

  • Lucy Louise

    Does anyone else question why a picture of John Ducey is used for this picture? Why not Mr. Fillipone, or the school professionals responsible for making this happen?

  • Nan

    This another slight of hand practiced and perfected by elected representatives which boosts their reputation and harms the people they are supposed to represent.

    If there is an investigative report who happens to read this how about reporting on: what is Home Rule in NJ; How did committees or Boards get the power to enact laws, taxes etc without an explanation to the people and subsequent vote; in particular the School Board, Planning Boards, Boards of Adjustment and so many more.

    Just saw the latest Ducey Team flyer boasting about shrinking the size of government.

    1. Eliminated Republican Friends and Family. Note: does not mention kept Democratic Friends and Family and added more to replace the eliminated Repubs. Kept my Nemesis whom I refer to by the acronym Gelb. In fact promoted him and added hi middle protege to replace him. I will the protege Gelb in training.

    2. Reduced workforce by eliminating 3 full time Land use positions. As Paul Harvey says what’s the rest of the story? Were they assigned to positions in another department? Or maybe others fill in by overtime $$$$ to accomplish the tasks? One might think the Town Council has advise and consent authority why don’t I get the answers at the Town Council Meetings. Because starting with the Acropolis Administration and perfected by this administration it is impossible to get any information about anything most important including information we are entitled to by the wording in the Open Meetings Act.

    Have to end here before my brains explode.

    Will come back to it at a later time.

    • Lord Trump, Westeros

      Agree! Who sayz our govt should have “leaders” who get their by “votes” and hold “public meetings” with so cawled “public comment times?” Is there some paper in Swampington DC that says we have a republic? Rome had a republic and look whut that got them. They became Italian! We need pure Greek democracy. Let the town vote on every issue on the boe agenda. We can sit at wind Ward beech once a month.

      It’s too obvious so we aren’t alloud. Wake up, sheeple!

    • Andy Pat

      How does this “sleight” of hand harm people?? And yes your answer will be graded on accuracy, support and spelling.

  • Chief Wahoo

    They worked so tirelessly, Toms River got theirs restored too. Twice as much. I guess TR worked twice as tirelessly as Brick did. These public takers just love to pat themselves on the back. Hey Edwards how about returning that $700K back to the taxpayers.

    • Lord Trump, Westeros

      With the chief! TR had twice the amount cut but now gets what was cut restored. The fix is in! This is blue state math for a red state county! Let’s make schools
      Great again! Cheef Wagoo, I am proud of you!

    • Rthom

      You make 0 sense. They got exactly what was cut. TR amount was exactly what they got cut. Do you work twice as hard to make ignorant comments?

      • Lord Trump, Westeros

        you are part of the blue dog system

  • Andy Pat

    Maybe some of that money can be used for reading, writing, and grammar for many of our commentators here. Call me silly but I see less cuts to local education from the state as a net positive.

  • Jodi Hommer Fearon

    I would love to know how schools that have received state aid ABOVE 100% are crying the blues to get money that should be redirected to the severely underfunded schools. I am confused how schools getting aid for invisible students cry to get more funding are granted MORE MONEY while districts who have an increase of 2,100 students get zero funding for the enrollment increase. They have overspent the past eight years and it is an absolute disgrace to return one cent because that money belongs to the severely underfunded districts! This is politics at its finest. Jennifer Beck who is a blatant two faced liar is somehow tied into this deal. I will continue to fight for the money to follow the student and everyone of those overfunded schools needs to learn how to provide an education for 100%, not 150-450%!

  • Sandi Zalinsky

    Congratulations Superintendent Filippone and Mr. Gianella!! Our students deserve the best!

  • Rthom

    This board is so much better than previous ones. School repairs under budget and quality people hired. Despite the angry hater on this thread who somehow spun this story into a jealousy rant.

    • Hbadger

      Haha!!! The “yes” folks are a joke. You should see them in session, they have no clue to running anything other than ducey errands. Edwards just quietly creates a slush fund so he can get his summer raises. Look at at special sessions meetings how they move their people around for less work more pay and no advertising. Maybe they can hire some brick people that have more skin in the game