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Brick to Purchase New Equipment for Road Crews

LeeBoy 5000 Path Master paving machine. (Photo: Kirby-Smith)
LeeBoy 5000 Path Master paving machine. (Photo: Kirby-Smith)

Brick will purchase equipment for its Public Works crews that is intended to reduce the number of outside contractors the township must pay for services that will now be done in-house by current employees.

Most significantly, the township will purchase a $132,500 Peterbilt tow truck that can be used to tow large pieces of equipment, which previously required costly transportation by outside towers.

Additionally, Brick officials on Tuesday night voted in favor of purchasing two additional pieces of equipment that can be used to more rapidly repair roads, similarly without the use of outside contractors.


A bid was awarded to U.S. Municipal Supply, of Pennsylvania, for the purchase of a path paver machine for $107,370. The machine, a LeeBoy 5000, will be used to pave small swaths of roadways that are in need of repair. A second contract, worth $44,400 was awarded to Timmerman Company, of Whitehouse, N.J., for the purchase of a tar crack sealer, which will be used to fill seams on roadways and keep them intact until a larger paving project can be planned.

All of the items were requested by Department of Public Works staff, said Council President Paul Mummolo. The staff has the skills necessary to complete paving and sealing work, but lacked the equipment to do so in the past.

“This is something our crews have requested so they can better repair and maintain our roadways,” Mummolo said.

  • Chief Wahoo

    Almost $300,000 spent of taxpayers money by the public TAKERS. This is what they do. Take and spend. So they can take some more.

    • Frank Rizzo

      So whats the answer…no public services at all

  • Frank Rizzo

    How many tow jobs a year to make that wrecker worth it. The tows should all be local and not a great distance….will they use this for the school buses too…The path paver is for making sidewalks i thought….

  • Surfrider

    Unbelievable, what the hell do they have to tow that often to spend all this money on a tow truck, C’MON MAN ! SPEND SPEND SPEND!!!! TAXES GO UP UP UP UP! AND WITH MURPHY COMING IN, NUTS NUTS NUTS……..

  • Albert Westpy

    For those who care to complain about how taxpayers money is spent let’s have a look at the federal budget where Trump has cut all social services but is spending $523.9 billion, which is $2.2 billion over the 2016 Obama budget, and more than the next 8 nations combined.
    Over the next 10 years “our government” will give away $38 billion taxpayers dollars to israel which has a universal health insurance system and where all public universities are subsidized by the government and students only pay a small part of tuition.
    Then we have Trumps tax bill which is a scheme to make the very rich, as well as the rich, even more rich at the taxpayers expense.
    Wake up people and try to understand when the spending of taxpayers dollars help “all” citizens while others only benefit the ruling class.

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      Crawl back under your rock, you fat, marxist, white privileged, old man.

      • Albert Westpy

        Brilliant retort !