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Man With Imitation Gun Arrested, Within 2 Minutes, After Being Spotted at Brick 7-Eleven Store


A man who was later found with an imitation revolver spurred a lockdown at two Brick schools after being spotted with the would-be weapon at a 7-Eleven store.

Police were called at 12:04 p.m. Friday after the man, identified as Daniel Mizner Jr., 22, of Brick, was seen at the 7-Eleven store on Drum Point Road with what a caller believed to be a gun in his waistband, Brick Police Sgt. Neal Pedersen said.


The man purchased cigarettes and made no statements or threats, said Pedersen. He left the store and rode his bicycle from the store towards Brick Boulevard, northbound. He was described as white male in his early twenties, wearing a green shirt and white pants.

The Emma Havens Young Elementary School and The Drum Point Elementary School were immediately advised and put on lockdown as Officers flooded the area, said Pedersen.

Witnesses told officers that the man matching the description was seen on Drum Point Road in the area of the Police Athletic League (PAL) building, possibly heading into the neighborhood behind the building.

Officer Dan Fogarty observed a man matching the description riding a bicycle on Jackson Avenue and approached him as Officer Robert Koch arrived. Officers determined he had a revolver type imitation handgun in his waistband that they removed from his possession, Pedersen said. 

Mizner was charged with possession of an imitation firearm, unlawful possession of a weapon and disorderly conduct. He was released on a summons under the guidelines of bail reform.

“During this event the students were never at risk of harm as the suspect was located within two minutes of the initial call to police,” said Pedersen.

  • 2008homes

    The NAR thinks every teacher should have a gun (to increase its members’ sales). Then lockdowns wouldn’t be necessary, it says, and more bullets would be sold. Always thinking of the bottom line.

    • doledart

      National Association of Retirees?
      National Atmospheric Reasearchers?
      Neighborhood Associated Retailers?


  • Surfrider

    I think it is a good idea for a small population of teachers at every school should have cert. with a revolver. It would definitely be a great strategy in stamping out this stuff plus be a deterrent to the nuts that do this stuff. If these creeps know there is “on site” protection like that, they probably will not chose that particular site.

  • Kimberleely

    Arrested for imitation of a firearm ? So I guess all the little boys and girls who ever played with toy guns should be arrested. My Generation, we all would of been arrested. And how was he disorderly ?

  • Goodgrief

    Seems silly to arrest for a toy, but then why is a 22 year old adult riding a bike with a toy gun in his waistband?

    • Mac

      He’s a certified Ocean County voter. And the results speak for themselves.

    • Bill Clinton is a Rapist!

      Why do 30-40 year old men ride skateboards down the street ?
      Not just on neighborhood side streets either. I have seen them on Rt 88 and Princeton ave and Rt 70.
      Some losers never grow up.

  • Surfrider

    I hear ya, but when you are trained properly, it makes the most sense. And it should be advertise even outside the school. as you know i am a marine vet of Viet nam and very familiar with weaponry, and nothing has ever gone wrong in my experiences, and i am no different then most teachers, they can learn like I did. Its a war out there with all the nuts we have let in our country, as well as the resident ones, Plenty of states like florida and texas have carry permits and no real issues with the “legal community”……Funny how no one ever mentions about all the killings every year in Obamas home of Chicago, why hasn’t that place been straightened out yet? They are up to 500 deaths so far this year, as a result of “illegal” gun creeps. Just one persons thoughts…..

    • Andy Pat

      If you want to have an intelligent conversation I do not think you would have included a misleading and distractive statement like “..Funny how no one ever mentions about all the killings every year in Obamas home of Chicago” Is this some type of attribution or pitiful attempt at equivalency??

      • Surfrider

        Nothing Misleading and distractive about what I said. Check the facts if you dare. What is your take on guns and gun ownership? And by the way, nothing is equivalent to any of these events other than sick minds………

      • Mac

        Apparently Surfrider, you haven’t been introduced to Freeholder Vicari yet. He’s the foremost example available at the moment in Harvey Wallbanger County that SHOUTS OUT that every homeowner needs a weapon to be able to protect their families from the lack of integrity of far too many elected officials, like Vicari and the record of his ‘public’ career.

      • Surfrider

        You are right I haven’t been intro to Vacari, but are you aware that he
        graduated St. Peter’s College, and earned his M.A. in education, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Fairleigh Dickinson University? Pretty smart cookie. Taught school,was a principal and Superintendent of schools. I guess he would not have any idea about any issues in schools and ideas to improve security? What is your education? Hey not too many people in government impress me either, but I speak my opinion based on my experiences. And I definitely do not agree with this wussie murphy making NJ a sanctuary state. Is that what you want, more illegal criminals in our state…..I certainly do not. I see alot of reasons to have a gun because of these really crazy liberal ideas……………just saying….Semper fi

      • Mac

        Education, and the ability to apply that education, are entirely two different functions. His ‘ability’ was within a closed door, politically-operated school system that was itself wholly within the full control of Ocean County politics, so integrity was never available from day one.

        And his ideas about issues in schools and securities have nothing to do for the benefits of the people without a reward or another pension attached for him. You didn’t see anyone put up a stink about not renewing Vicari’s superintendent contract when it came due, except for Vicari, of course.

        As for a sanctuary state, I can’t see how you can see any difference in the position Murphy holds, that you feel you might need a gun to protect yourself from, than sanctioning the reelection of an ‘intelligent’ known sex deviant at-large, that many women might feel the need to protect themselves from now that the cat is finally officially out of the bag.

        As for my choice of criminals, I get rid of the ones easiest to get rid of first. Happy voting to all.

      • Surfrider

        I had no idea you knew Vicari so intimately………and I had no idea you do not feel you pay enough taxes in NJ and do not think that if he gets elected and could pull off NJ being a sanctuary state, it will cost all of us ‘mas dollars’ and mas crimes! The stats are out there already….. Sorry…….Hey we can agree to disagree!

      • Mac

        Sorry. I can’t agree to disagree on this issue. Touting the (so envisioned) savings of dollars in order to embrace a known sex abuser as a leader of the neighborhood that represents you, your children, and yours and everyone else’s families. is, to me, nothing more than an effort to ‘not make any waves’ in a society they either know or believe is already beyond saving, even with their own dollars.

        In other words, it’s not a political issue to me. It’s an issue of personal class. I can either stand up for improving the neighborhood, or simply roll over and accept more of the same old. I’m hoping Ocean County wakes up to the fact it’s 50-years behind the times.

  • Surfrider

    Wouldn’t it be nice if people like you could have an intelligent, foul language free, comments post!….You open your mouth to change your socks all the time, when you have no legit argument, you rely on low class words….What have you done for your country so far in your sad life?

  • Chief Wahoo

    What a bunch of clowns. …….. I mean heros.

  • Surfrider

    Very naive……we can agree to disagree………….

    • Mac


  • Goodgrief

    I take offense to the language and racism in this message and flagged it. I urge others to flag this persons offensive posts in the future.

  • avgjoe

    This would NOT of happened in a real state like SC, TN, TX or other states where guns arent banned by left wing policies. If you go to a state that allows it citizen their constitutional right to bear arm this type of reaction wouldnt have occurred. Heck even in neighboring PA (exception of the leftist hell hole of philthydelphia) & NY mainly upstate (exception on nyc are same as philthydelhia) , no one panics when they seen a gun. ONLY exception would have been the peoples socialist republic of Massachusetts which was the 1st state to implement a gun control law way back in the 1970’s & guess what they still have shootings & gun crime. The real problem is this clown had it tucked in his waistband trying to emulate the ghetto thugs. If it was in a holster I think it wouldnt have been an issue.