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Tree Purchases Will Make Brick Roadways a Bit Greener

Trees and fall foliage. (Photo: Bernard Spragg/ Flickr)
Trees and fall foliage. (Photo: Bernard Spragg/ Flickr)

A state program to provide trees to municipalities will result in the delivery of hundreds of trees that will be planted along some the township’s major arteries.

The township council approved an $87,800 contract with Down to Earth Landscaping, of Jackson, to provide coniferous and deciduous trees under the state’s “No Net Loss” program, which grants funding to municipalities when state projects – or, in some cases, natural disasters – result in a loss of trees.

Brick has selected several areas where the trees will be planted. A group will be located along Brick Boulevard, approximately from the Mavis Discount Tire store to the Pizza Hut restaurant. Another group will be planted on Burnt Tavern Road, in front of anchor concrete, and east of Route 70 on the same road from O’Brien’s Funeral Home to the All American Mazda dealership.


Township Administrator Joanna Bergin said the prices for this year’s tree planting came out significantly higher – to the tune of about $20,000 – than originally expected by engineers.

“The trees we’re getting now would have normally been planted in 2012, after which a lot of the nurseries were dealing with Sandy,” she said

A lack of trees, combined with a high demand for trees to replace those damaged in the storm, have caused prices to rise, she said.

  • Surfrider

    Mantoloking Road is one of the biggest eye-sores in town, and years ago the Accropolis gang wanted to try and keep a “nautical” theme along the road since it is one of the main feeds to the barrier island, and give a better and nicer appearance of the town. That never materialized, other than a few properties along it, and that would be a good area to put trees and “dress up” Bricks image….and in keeping with all the goes on in this town, its an area not even mentioned? Why not? Makes sense to a lot of people I know………………..

  • Stephen Brill

    Please use Google Earth to view these locations! Free landscaping! Will these trees be planted on township property or will an easement be required? Not all are evergreen trees which means 7 months without leaves. Who will maintain them? There are better places for to plant them !

  • Mark Story Jenks

    I’m all for planting trees, but the bill seems high. I’ve seen when often times freshly planted trees die in the first year or two if they are not watered during dry periods before they get a chance to get new roots established. Sometimes if they are left in their burlap root balls they become root bound. I hope there is some sort of guarantee. And I hope they take into account both underground and overhead utilities.
    I wonder how many trees we get for that kind of money?

  • Bonnie Delaney

    What happened to all the trees the town removed along the entranceway to Windward Beach Park?

  • Albert Westpy

    Good move !