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Two Years Later, It’s Unlikely a Supermarket Will Return to Former Brick Pathmark Site

The now-shuttered Pathmark supermarket in Brick's Laurel Square shopping center. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The now-shuttered Pathmark supermarket in Brick’s Laurel Square shopping center. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

There are no signs that a supermarket will return to the northern side of Brick after the township’s Pathmark store closed the day before Thanksgiving 2015.

“They’re moving away from doing a grocery store there,” Mayor John Ducey said last week, referring to Brixmor, the company that owns the Laurel Square shopping center which Pathmark once anchored.

Sources with knowledge of the site’s status previously told Shorebeat that Acme and Foodtown were interested in opening stores there, but negotiations had apparently broken off last spring. In the main portion of the shopping plaza, a Kmart store remains open along with some smaller businesses, but the parking lot on most days is largely empty.


Brixmor representatives did not respond to a request to comment on current or potential future tenants.

“Last we heard, they want to do some type of entertainment facility there,” said Ducey, who estimated “90 percent” of people he talks to favor a supermarket returning to the site.

Ducey did hint, however, that there is a chance a supermarket could return to the former Foodtown site on Route 70, where retail space will be paired with an indoor sports complex under a plan to redevelop the long-empty plot.

  • BatCat

    I voted for Ducey because he was putting businesses we need in….We do not NEED an entertainment facility, we need a GROCERY STORE. Please reconsider. I do not want to tackle the traffic on Rt 70 to shop. I will go into Point Pleasant first, and it is not where I want to shop.

    • coolerhead

      The government does not put “businesses we need in,,,” (thank god). In a free society, that uses capitalism as a economic system, businesses make business decisions. The property is zoned for a grocery store or other retail business. The owner of the business rents to an appropriate business, or asks for a use variance from the Zoning Board. No government leader or agency tells the owner that he must rent to a grocery store. You can blame the Mayor for other things but please if you voting for anyone learn the authority granted to the office holder.

      • Andy Pat

        100% correct! However, gov’t can provide incentives to induce certain businesses to come to Brick. In a capitalist economy which uses “free markets” the gov’t sets the rules by which the free markets operate.

    • KaayC


  • Rich

    If we can’t get a Trader Joe’s, the developers/owners of both locations should try to attract the Lidl grocery chain to Brick. It’s expanding throughout the US to compete with Aldi.

  • Lisa Begin Kruysman

    Please make it a priority to get a food store back here.

    • Frank Rizzo

      How and which one…don’t you think the owners would love that to collect rent…don’t you think the owners have tried….its not the towns problem..it is who owns the center

  • Frank Rizzo

    High density housing or an Hasidic temple….The days of “Rate-ables” are over….they are nothing more than a liability now a days and not profitable thanks to the internet and over building

    • Andy Pat

      And you received your economics degree from “The Land of Make Believe”???

  • Andy Pat

    I know Wegman’s did their demographic study and decided not to come to Brick. A Wegman in North Brick would absolutely do well by drawing from two Points, Brick, Lakewood, Jackson and TR. They probably think it will draw too much away from the Ocean location in Monmouth.

  • Bill Clinton is a Rapist!

    How about a good kosher hamburger joint in that spot?

  • Creepy Green Light

    Turn it into an indoor BMX/Skatepark w/ live bands.

  • Carolee Moore

    Home Goods please. The Toms River one is always packed.

  • KaayC

    We need a food store. This will serve the community and alleviate some of the Rt. 70 traffic nightmare to Shoprite and Costco.

  • Jerseygal

    We need a grocery store on the north side of town! The Shop Rite parking lots (both Brick and Wall) are not for the faint of heart and the market that is on Bridge Ave is way too expensive – unlike all their other competitors they did not offer a free Turkey – in fact they offer very little – so I drive to Wall Twp to the Acme or Foodtown. A huge inconvenience.

  • realcheeseyo

    If you want a food store at that location you need to email Brixmor. Ultimately they are the ones who decide what is going in there. The mayor only has so much power.

  • Mary Smith

    That’s depressing. Brixmor needs to listen to the people. Especially the ones who are spending money. Put in a grocery store. Please!

  • avgjoe

    Get out of the NJ closed state of mind. There are other options other than Wegmans & Trader Joes people. The a small up & coming chain Stew Leonards in CT & NY I know would do very well. High quality meats, produce fresh baked goods even fresh roasted coffee. They also do catering & were talking higher end catering (I didnt vote for her they have catered the clintons) .http://www.stewleonards.com
    there is also Weis Markets in northen NJ & PA https://www.weismarkets.com

    there are other options people