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Brick Officials Working on Pedestrian, Bicycle Master Plan

The Airport Tract bike and walking path in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The Airport Tract bike and walking path in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

A new committee has begun the process of holistically including bicyclists and pedestrians in Brick Township’s traffic plan.

Councilwoman Heather deJong, a member of a group of officials working on the project, said the ultimate goal is the development of a formal pedestrian and bicycle master plan. Once the master plan is created, the township can go out to bid on projects, work with the county and state to increase access, and obtain federal funding for projects through the federal Safe Streets program.

DeJong said the master plan will include specific goals and projects that are needed to make the town more bike-and-walk friendly.


“It’s something that we haven’t had for a very long time and it’s something that’s very necessary,” deJong said.

Areas that have already been identified as priorities are incorporating schools into bike paths and safe walking zones, expanding existing bike paths and connecting them to major roads and linking sidewalks and bike paths. The group of officials working on the project, which includes the township engineer, planner and traffic safety officer, will plot how to incorporate county and state projects into the overall master plan.

“They want to keep people moving, but our pedestrians and bicyclists have been an afterthought,” deJong said, of past roadway projects in Brick. “We don’t have to take our cars everywhere – we can take our bikes and we can walk.”

Though the creation of a master plan is a major step forward into both funding and construction better pedestrian and bicycle access in town, the projects to effectuate the goals will likely be spread over many years, said deJong.

“The town took years and years to get this congested and it will take years to [bring] a change in culture,” she said. “It has to be an ideal in the residents that this is important to Brick Township.”

  • Chris Slocum

    This is good government. As a cyclist, Brick is one of the areas I try to avoid, except where unavoidable. This is a good investment in the area. I wish Toms River would follow suit.

    • KaayC

      No it isn’t. Good government would have capped massive illegal migration, erection of megalith box chains, and invested in mass transit in lieu of the vehicular mess we now have. That is not the blame of current administration, but this seems little more than a political band-aid that will provide a few jobs for friends and family, not viable solutions to assist pedestrians or cyclists. I wish I were wrong on this.

      • Chris Slocum

        I applaud Brick for taking a stab at improving the situation. I don’t think that the goal here is a few patronage jobs, instead its making this area be a little more modern. Investments in infrastructure (and I don’t expect this would be a big ticket item by bloated NJ government standards) benefit everyone. This will definitely not fix all of the problems you mention, but I doubt that was the original scope. There are many reasons for the increase in pedestrian deaths. Unfortunately, many of the deaths and accidents regarding cyclists are due to the cyclist themselves not following the rules of the road. So many ride at night without lights, against traffic, texting(!), and/or other distractions. If there was a better infrastructure, such as wider shoulders and bicycle routes, maybe a few injuries and deaths might be prevented. I am also in favor of enforcing the traffic laws on bicyclists. Bicyclists have the same rights/responsibilities as motorists.

      • KaayC

        Yes, I agree with a lot of that. While jobs may not be the goal let’s just agree it is an intended consequence lol. I look forward to the possibility of walking and cycling paths but don’t think I will be shopping on bike or foot anytime soon.

      • Mark Story Jenks

        “don’t think I will be shopping on bike or foot anytime soon”.
        Why Not? I do it, and I’m pretty much crippled.
        A little exercise might give you a more optimistic attitude, Kaay. Go back and read some of your comments, most of them are on the negative side.
        Be glad someone is making an effort to try and improve the situation for pedestrians and bicyclists.
        It is sorely needed and long overdue. Americans love affair with their automobiles is the reason no one had the foresight years ago, to better accommodate walkers and peddlers.

      • KaayC

        I exercise daily including some combination of walking, biking, swimming and leaf removal! I apologize if my generally reality-based no nonsense commentary strikes you as negative. Perhaps it is true, it is just your perspective. Thanks for your concern though! : ) This latest attempt at rectifying pedestrian access remains a too little too late measure in my opinion. Btw I worked with spearheading the project for bike lanes on Princeton Ave. I also worked with a team and the town roads engineer who petitioned signatures for our development’s road repave. I believe in action not just bellyaching. The squeaky wheel generally does get the grease though.

  • Bill Clinton is a Rapist!

    Paul Hayes , the man who decorated his house with the extravagant Christmas lights and adornments on Van Zile Rd has sadly passed away.
    He was a very involved , long time Brick Township volunteer and community leader…

    • Andy Pat

      A.D.D. much??

      • Bill Clinton is a Rapist!

        Happy Hanaka !

      • Andy Pat

        Nice thought! But I am a proud Atheist! Happy Holiday to you and yours! BTW-you have mistakenly prejudged me as:
        2-from up north

        3 strikes and you’re out!

      • Bill Clinton is a Rapist!

        You’re mixing posters. I just wished you Happy Hanukah because it is Hanukah. The rest of your post refers to someone else you have a dialogue with.
        Happy Hanukah.

  • KaayC

    In light of all of the recent pedestrian deaths in the county this seems far-fetched. The horse left the barn two or three decades ago. I don’t see Brick as ever being bike or pedestrian friendly unless you have a death wish.

    • Nan

      Agree. But anyone who believes this is anything but a rancid Baloney Sandwich (BS) just has not been paying attention. Brick Two talk Big but Do Nothing. God Help US All.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Demolish pot leaf park known as sawmill and keep the gangs out of the bike path area so its safer to use

  • Andy Pat

    I too applaud the effort. I am an avid biker who leaves town for most recreational biking, but also occasionally bike to work here in Brick. If more urban areas can be “retrofitted” to improve safety and reduce injuries and death I imagine it could be done here also.

    • KaayC

      Urban areas had pre-existing infrastructure created ages ago. We do not have sidewalks to retro-fit. Most people including myself, are afraid to use our existing bike-lanes. Toto we’re not in Brick anymore. 70,000 new Lakewood residents means more overcrowded roads.