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Brick Township High School Track May Need to be Rebuilt Due to Error

Brick Township High School (File Photo)
Brick Township High School (File Photo)

A new track built at Brick Township High School may have to be totally reconstructed since it was not built to the specified measurements, school officials said at a meeting Thursday night.

“We are in the process of working with our attorney, and we want to get what we paid for,” said Interim Superintendent Dennis Filippone.

Filippone said the lanes on the track were supposed to be built to 41-inches each, but they were somehow shortened to 40-inches, thus not conforming with the overall measurements of the site. The slight error has been causing drainage issues and must be fixed, according to officials.


The track project was designed by Netta Architects. It was constructed by All Surface Asphalt Paving at a cost of $587,400, according to a contract approved in June.

Reconstructing the track to the correct specifications will be a “major project,” Filippone said.

“It will be corrected in the summer of 2018,” Business Administrator James Edwards said.

  • Creepy Green Light

    Stuff like this is similar to the way things work in the military. You’ve all heard the stories of the $1200 hammer in the service. Same here. If the track cost almost 600k to build, that means in reality it could have been done the same way for at least half that amount. But the contractors know they can jack schools, local/state governments the same way the military get’s jacked. The plane I used to fly in in the Navy was about $35 million according to the Navy. Once I saw what the Navy was charged for some of those parts and applied it to the entire aircraft, I can easily chop that $35 mil in half. What a shame – but it’s a great day for the contractors. And even while jackin the school they had to give them one extra jack but shortening the lanes an inch. Sad.

  • Surfrider

    How come whoever hired this contractor did not check things as it was being built? Very naive to think you can hire someone today and not check on them DURING the process to make sure things are within spec? Whoever it is should not be in charge of doing this again, unless they learned from this experience! So many people are getting screwed in this town from contractors(Sandy cheaters)
    who should not even be in business, let alone being awarded big contracts like this.

  • Chief Wahoo

    Take it out of the highest paid public takers salary. Incompetence is actually higher than corruption in this cesspool.

    • Bill Clinton is a Rapist!

      They’re paying 3 superintendents at the same time and they still can’t build a simple track for over a half million dollars !!!

      • KaayC

        Incredible, right?

    • Lord Trump, Westeros

      my beloved son, you are still angry that you were cut from the track team. that is an anger you will always carry.

  • walter.f.campbell

    It is the job of the architect to oversee the project from beginning to end…no excuses!These no-bid democratic donor appointments which repeat themselves thru many of our district “concerns”,as well as,the township side…live in very “grey area” ……I became greatly concerned when the Track Proposal came in at $1,500,000.In a public mtg.told the Board they were getting “HOSED” between $300,000-400,000 dollars.The end result was the Architect Firm (Netta) thought the H.S.track had 8 lanes like the college track…..revision to six at $967,650.That drew more concern at that point!I gave Mr.Barton(BOE.facility)a letter to contact Keystone Purchase Co-op (certified in NJ.) who would have done the entire track project A to Z,cutting out the architect,and bidding…..would saved another$100,000-$150,000

    • realcheeseyo

      sounds like you should run for school board

      • walter.f.campbell

        Normal citizens are done…State Dems,and Tchrs.Union (Officials) supply money to all Dem Superpacs from top to local districts!!!

      • realcheeseyo

        cool story bro. hope you got lots of tin foil for x-mas.

  • Hbadger

    Clean slate really not living up to their campaign. Just a bunch of Ducey cronies wasting hard working people monies. They think putting a suit makes you capable to run a district, but as we are seeing they are all incompetent. Keep listening to Edwards and your lawyers! Only thing coming next higher taxes.

    • walter.f.campbell

      Hbadger,if you ever want to run for the Board……a current board seat(volunteer)is running for $25,000 up from last years $22,000…..no experience needed…..just join the democratic club….but be prepared to lie & slime other board candidates…give out no bid contracts to donors….most of all raise taxes every year! It is standard practice since Clean Slate came in….damn disgrace!

      • Hbadger

        That’s our problem, the people who should be on the board are too busy putting food on the table for their families. So we are stuck with a bunch of “yes” clowns who exploit a broken system. Also I saw what they did to Dr. U so I am keeping my soul clear of the devil!

  • realcheeseyo

    The survey company screwed this up.