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Wawa Approved by Brick Officials for Route 70 Site

The revised plan for a Wawa and quick-serve restaurant at Route 70 and Duquesne Boulevard. (Courtesy: John Jackson)
The revised plan for a Wawa and quick-serve restaurant at Route 70 and Duquesne Boulevard. (Courtesy: John Jackson)

A controversial application before the township’s zoning board was decided in favor of the developers of a proposed Wawa store, gas station and quick-serve restaurant at the corner of Route 70 and Duquesne Boulevard.

After failing to gain a supermajority of members of Brick’s Zoning Board of Adjustment earlier this year, Paramount Realty Services’ revised application received a unanimous approval vote Wednesday night. The application was taken after a four hour-long meeting – still far shorter than the months-long marathon of meetings that were held before the previous denial. A total of 12 residents, mostly from the Lake Riviera neighborhood, spoke out against the plan, or expressed concerns over it.

A number of changes to the development plan for the site quelled the concerns of some residents and was enough to convince additional board members that the project would not have a negative impact on the township. The main component of the revised plan was the elimination of an entrance and exit directly onto North Lake Shore Drive from the shopping plaza. During the previous proposal, many residents expressed concern that traffic in Lake Riviera would increase if drivers used the local streets as a cut-through the Wawa. Under the new plan, the only access to the site will be from a newly-constructed driveway directly off Route 70, which will be shared with a medical building next door, said John Jackson, the attorney for Paramount.


The new proposal also reduced the size of the quick-serve restaurant component of the site – rumored to be a Panera Bread location – and removed all development from a residential lot. The site’s signage was reduced under the new plan, and a new eight foot-high sound wall is to be located. The wall will be longer than the previously-proposed wall, and will be made of a new material that will absorb sound rather than reflect it, improving its effectiveness. The developers also purchased one residential home that borders a wooded area closest to the site, and said they plan on selling it or renting it. Reducing the size of the restaurant also improved the situation for neighbors, the applicants’ witnesses said.

“What that has enabled us to do is to put an extra row of landscaping between the parking lot and the sound wall,” said Jackson.

The Wawa will have extra large – up to 36-feet in width – lanes for travel through the parking lot, and will have entrances in both the front and rear.

“That discourages illicit activity since there will be regular activity there, not just loading and unloading,” engineer Jeromie Lange said, describing the rear door.

Paramount also pledged to add a third lane to Route 70 from the Costco site to Duquesne, where it would ultimately continue farther down the highway.

The concessions by Paramount, which will sign a 20-year lease with Wawa, were not enough to assuage the fear of several residents of Lake Riviera.

“It’s definitely going to bring more traffic to the area,” said Tony Zurica. “A lot of people coming out of the place will make a right onto Duquesne to get to Brick Boulevard. It’s going to diminish our property values.”

Zurica also said he was against the fact that Wawa would be open 24 hours a day.

“Twenty-four hour establishments tend to bring less than desirable people to the area,” he said.

Lange, however, said criminal activity will likely be reduced since the area will now be developed with an active business instead of the dark wooded area that encompasses the site now.

Other residents brought up concerns over the safety of the gas station’s equipment as well as potential runoff from the site. Lange said the filling station will be covered and elevated to prevent runoff, and the tanks are double-surfaced with a liquid in the middle that trips a computer if even the tiniest leak was to occur.

There is just one variable remaining: approval from the township’s fire bureau. The Bureau of Fire Safety had requested a second access point to the site for fire trucks. Since Paramount removed the second driveway, they may need to make concessions elsewhere to appease the fire inspectors, or build a gravel or grass-covered access point from Lake Shore. If any deviation from the plan approved Wednesday night is ordered, Paramount must return to the board to request approval, Board Chairman Harvey Langer said.

  • MP Gerrity

    This development application can serve as an example of how developers ultimately get their way. It is also a lesson on political-think. The original proposal that included the additional travel lanes can be thought of as a tactic for the developer to win approval. It can be though of as a throw away concession to get their permit approved.

    The article also mentions a comment made by a board member who was apparently attempting to assuage a concern for safety by implying that the area will be safer once the wooded area is replaced with a convenience store. There is another name for that approach, it’s called Urban Development.

    We are witnessing a marketing strategy in Brick that was recently deployed during the donut wars between Krispy Kream and DD. Now it’s Quick Chek v’s Wawa. It’s unfortunate that the last remaining green areas in town have to serve as the battlefield and residents property value and quality of life become collateral damage.

    I really like this town. I’ve been here for 45 years. I moved here to get away from over development and to be near the ocean and the pines. But it’s getting to the point that Brick will redefine the term Pine Barrens. At least, thanks to sea level rise, I’ll be getting closer to the ocean.

    • Bill Clinton is a Rapist!

      If you could stay here another 45 years you would see the ocean will be the same level as now and you will be no closer to it. My family has lived on the Metedeconk River and the Barnegat Bay for over 100 years.
      Same water level and no closer to the ocean. Sorry to burst your global warming bubble. Storms happen.

      • MP Gerrity

        That’s really interesting. No bubble here to burst. Just science and data. Something that was not as well understood as it is now. But I’m not about to argue with you. It’s really not that important. And you are correct, there is a fixed amount of water on the planet. It’s its distribution that has been rearranged. I am reassured to know that sea levels will remain at a constant. I am just wondering why shark’s teeth can be found on the farms in nearby Farmingdale. Must have been buried there by the Lenape to confuse the original European settlers to this area. This isn’t about winning or being right. You can have that. It’s about understanding and preparing for change. Change is a constant.

      • 205167117

        The teeth are from the Sharknado that hit the area in the late 1600s. Supposedly the next one Syfy does is going to be a loose adaptation with a modern twist involving time travel.

    • KaayC

      Well stated.

  • Frank Rizzo

    The town could be sued under religous protection laws if and when the Lakewood people want to build a temple on a suitable piece of land. I’m happy Wa Wa is there instead….the laws of the state regarding affordable housing…and religous exemptions are all against you the white middle class…you are now the persecuted class

    • Daniel Nee

      The Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, which is the statute primarily used to overturn local planning board decisions regarding the construction of houses of worship, is a federal law. Most notably, it was used in Brick by a Christian church that opened in a strip mall.

      • Frank Rizzo

        Sir…how many Christians have been charged in the Medical fraud and welfare abuse cases of recent…how many Christians are laughed at and persecuted for their beliefs while Lakewood gets a pass at criminal activity and special attention from trenton for us all to pay more for lakewood bussing and schools. The act signed into law last year for extra bussing money was wriiten for Lakewood and stated any district with over 5000 students in private schools will get extra money. Lakewood groups will use these laws against you.

      • ThatGuy

        Dont worry, Dan flags and takes down any post that hits too hard at the Lakewood Hasids. He is a sympathizer.

      • You gotta be kidding me. I haven’t taken down a post in months. If something disappears, it’s because enough people flagged it that the system does it automatically.

      • ThatGuy

        Odd that I have many of my posts have been flagged, yet the posts that I flag myself remain.

        Its not automatic dude

      • KaayC

        Dan, will we ever be able to post pictures? I mean relevant to a given topic?

    • KaayC

      At least their coffee is good. They will go broke on me though. I do Nespresso. lol

  • Bill Clinton is a Rapist!

    Now that election is past, the overbuilding of Brick can continue for the next 3 years. Expect tax increases for the next 3 years also. Ducey is working the Scarpelli playbook of no tax increases or controversial building projects the year before an election.
    Voters have short memories.

    • 205167117

      It’s the political playbook universally that subscribes to that strategy. It’s the angle of the developers to target a post election approval.

      Sometimes it’s just the way it is and by that I mean the same result with any other election outcome.

    • KaayC

      Food for thought.

  • Andy Pat

    I know here in Brick anti-semitism is the main force behind stopping this project. But folks should understand that when an individual owns land, certain rights (within local zoning and land use law) apply.

    • Frank Rizzo

      Anti Semitic….really….how diverse are the new developments of Lakewood….will they allow blacks or Christian in these new housing complexes while they use them as credit towards their affordable housing requirements….you must be blind to think lakewood is like secular Jews

      • KaayC

        Please explain affordable housing credit. Not sure what you mean.

    • Daniel Nee

      The religious affiliation of the principals of the development company were never brought up, even in subtleties, by anyone who spoke publicly (or privately to us).

      • Andy Pat

        I have seen it right here in the comment section of this site. Maybe not in this current thread, but definitely in past comments on this subject in articles here.

      • ThatGuy

        Why dont you just shut up. Youve been mocked and abused on every post you make. The fact is your just a weak loser that tries to throw around anti semiticsm to bolster some pathetic online persona you have.

        But since you mentioned it, why is there so much systemic corruption in Lakewood compared to other towns?

      • Andy Pat

        1) I will not “shut up” because my opinion does not align with yours
        2) I do not take orders from other online posters
        3) I have not been mocked or abused for my posts
        4) I am not a weak loser
        5) I see Dan Nee (editor) called YOU out for you’re (please note the correct spelling, maybe you can learn something today) other fallacious post last night also
        6) Corruption in Lakewood is related to the people running the town, many of whom were elected by the community (what can you or I do about that?

      • ThatGuy

        You’re a bitch. Its the sad truth. At this point in oline life only losers like you and Dan make points about grammar mistakes.

        So, the Jews of Lakewood, vote in other Jews to help Jews take care of other Jews all at the expense of gentiles.

        Replace the word Jews with white people and snowflakes like you would be screaming racism.

        What we can do about Lakewood is complain loudly. Its corrupt, racist and only getting worse.

        What do you say we do about it Pat, pillar of righteousness that you are.

        You cant really call it anti semeiticsm, gentiles are fighting back agaisnt corruption. Why is that anit semitic?

        I want to be clear with this, you are a pussy.

      • Andy Pat

        I have lived in Brick since I am 2 years old, I am in my early sixties and still employed by choice. While not all who moved here from “up north” are trash, you seem to fit the bill. Full of racist BS, prejudgment, name calling and anger. Happy Holiday 🙂

      • ThatGuy

        So then you ARE a bitch, one of those holier than though bitches. Good for you!

      • Andy Pat

        Let me know how well your “complaining” does to abate corruption in Lakewood. And do you think by calling people bitch makes you a big man or adds anything to your argument?
        Because in real life it usually identifies someone who is intellectually deficient or is trying to push a weak or unsupported argument. Signed-The Bitch!

      • ThatGuy

        Sorry, Andy(bitch) I forgot you were waiting for a reply.

        So, your saying Lakewood should just be left alone to be corrupt and racist against brown people?

        Why do you support the systematic destruction of a public school system just so a bunch of white people can milk the welfare and tax rules.

        I didn’t know you were so racist. Supporting the Orthodox means the destruction of black and latino culture and school in Lakewood.

        How bout how they pray on the seniors and just delay lawsuit after lawsuit until the seniors just die off.

        Are you sure your not a Nazi?

        You seem to be kind of a dickhead that doesn’t want to help anyone. other than white Jews. How odd.

        Your not defending religion, your just a closet racist, demanding more white Jew privilege. All at the expense of the weak, seniors, illegals, minorities.

        Your truly doing Gods work defending these people.

        And thats why your a bitch.

      • Andy Pat

        I did not say or support the things you say I do.
        You do not know me.
        I never defend religion, as it is all BS
        I do support peoples right to practice their religion as our founding fathers did
        And if you feel more emboldened by your senseless and anonymous online name calling, I say “God Bless You”

      • ThatGuy

        You dont get to pick and choose Andy, the world is gray.

        They are using their religion to take advantage of the downtrodden and poor. They hide behind their religion with massive govt fraud, they fell to Israel when they are caught.

        If you support them practicing their own special version of religion than you are also supporting them screwing the system and all the racism and senior abuse they do to their neighbors.

        That for father’s line is a load of shit only a bitch like you uses to defend their broken argument.

        These people game the system and you support them. You are complicit.

      • Andy Pat

        “That for father’s line is a load of shit only a bitch like you uses to defend their broken argument.”
        Yes, bitches like me “hide” behind the Constitution, unlike patriots like you that give their own spin to the Bill of Rights!

  • Surfrider

    I now understand the permit being approved, so that there can be even more traffic in that area, it is gonna need an overpass soon over there…..Poor residents, I would be very upset, they just lost at least 15% on there property investment. It is such a mess now with the traffic there, this will be super clogged now! Good job Brick planning board and all who voted for it……..Brick should change its name to Congestion township.

  • KaayC

    La de da de dee, la de da de dai …. and the beat goes on. Because another box chain fast food convenience joint is what’s needed.