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5 Most Dangerous Roads: Ocean County Leads State in Traffic Fatalities

Work being performed on Route 70 between Chambers Bridge Road and Forge Pond in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Work being performed on Route 70 between Chambers Bridge Road and Forge Pond in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

As drivers prepared for a harrowing commute during Thursday’s snowstorm, state officials announced sobering news: Ocean County had more traffic fatalities than any other in 2016, with several local roads ranking as some of the state’s most dangerous.

A report from the New Jersey State Police this week, first analyzed by NJ Spotlight, said Ocean County ended 2016 with 53 fatal accidents resulting in 54 deaths. The majority of accidents occurred on the same roads.

  • Route 70: 9 fatal accidents.
  • Garden State Parkway: 8 fatal accidents.
  • County Route 528 (Mantoloking Road, Cedar Bridge Avenue): 4 fatal accidents.
  • Route 9: Multiple Accidents (exact number not available).
  • Route 88: Multiple Accidents (exact number not available).

Overall, traffic fatalities last year in New Jersey were up 5.6 percent, after already rising more than 7 percent in 2016. There were 603 fatal crashes statewide last year.


County and municipal officials have been actively pleading with the state Department of Transportation to expand the beleaguered Route 9 corridor, which is not only the site of accidents, but adds vehicles to the Garden State Parkway since traffic jams make it a less-than-viable alternative for commuters.

The state agency, each recent year, has told the officials that budget woes have kept the Route 9 project – which would require land purchases and road reconstruction work – out of reach.

  • craigoftruth

    Better than widening route 9, give some driving lessons to some of these people out there. I wonder how some people were able to get a licence in the first place.

    • KaayC

      Can’t wait to see them all grassed up.

      • Global Warming is a Hoax

        They already are. All zoned out on pain pills and the rest jacked up on coffee.

  • Global Warming is a Hoax

    I have a solution.
    1). Chop down and clear cut every last tree in Ocean County.
    2). Build thousand and thousands of new apartments, condos, townhomes and houses.
    3). Build all new commercial and residential complexes with innadequate, undersized off street parking spots and paking lots.
    4). Allow developers to build on undersized lots and use the surrounding residential streets as their business parking areas.
    5). Don’t build any new roads or widen any existing roads.
    6). Don’t enforce any traffic laws.

    This is what the politicians are allowing to happen now and it seems to be working out wonderfully.

    • Aliceo


    • KaayC

      You’ve got that nailed, Hoax – so well they will be looking to make you a town administrator!

  • Global Warming is a Hoax

    Twice yesterday I had the pleasure of being on Rt 70, trying to drive through the Chambersbridge Road intersection, and both times the entire intersection was blocked with gridlock because of drivers waiting to turn into ShopRite plaza on Chambersbridge were stopped completely across rt 70. TWICE !!!!
    That left turn into ShopRite has to be shut down NOW!!!!

    • KaayC

      This is because there aren’t enough supermarkets in the area. Nail salons, hair salons and junkfood chains galore, but supermarkets not so much.

  • Mac

    Alas, help is on the way. The Ocean County Prosecutor is again addressing this stubborn, recurring problem with all the resources available to huh? Effective immediately, 17 various government departments will be dedicated to a 6-week crackdown on Route 539 between Tuckerton and Plumsted, so those of you that do get an opportunity to pass another vehicle sometime during this lifetime will be ticketed if they don’t use their blinkers correctly while passing. So sad, but so, so real.