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Daughter of Former Brick Mayor Sentenced to Prison Term For Theft

Kim E. Bogan (Photo: NJ OAG)
Kim E. Bogan (Photo: NJ OAG)

The daughter of former Brick Mayor Joseph Scarpelli will suffer the same fate as her father – a prison term.

Kim E. Bogan, 52, of Brick, was sentenced to spend five years in prison in accordance with a plea deal reached when she pleaded guilty to second-degree theft by deception on Oct. 24, 2017. She must also pay $941,354.77 in restitution to Brick Township under the terms of the plea agreement and sentence imposed by Superior Court Judge Linda G. Baxter in Ocean County.

During her plea hearing, Bogan, who worked in the township’s Building Department, admitted that between January 2011 and April 2017 she assisted her brother, Dr. Glenn Scarpelli – a chiropractor who committed suicide last summer by jumping out of a New York City building – in submitting false claims to her employee health insurance program, which is self-funded by the township. The claims were for treatments purportedly rendered to individuals covered under Bogan’s policy, however they were found to be bogus.


Because Brick is self-insured, the money came directly from taxpayers, instead of an insurance company. That led to the judge’s order to repay the township for the fraudulent expenditures.

“This defendant is going to prison for willingly participating in a health care claims scheme that cost Brick Township taxpayers – her own friends and neighbors – nearly a million dollars,” said Attorney General Christopher Porrino, in a statement. “Her sentence sends a message that stealing money from health care plans is a serious crime with serious consequences, no matter what role you play in the illegal plot.”

Porrino thanked Township Administrator Joanne Bergin and the Horizon Blue Cross-Blue Shield investigations unit for their assistance in the case.

Joseph C. Scarpelli, Bogan’s father, served an 18-month jail term after admitting to extortion and bribery charges stemming from a relationship with an unnamed real estate developer in 2007.

  • Global Warming is a Hoax

    Scarpellis , Corleones, Sopranos . Only one of these 3 is a real life piece of trash crime family.
    Extortion, Bribery , Insurance Fraud, Suicide.
    Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

  • Ray Mann

    Who’s watching after our tax dollars? Why did it take the current administration several years to discover a township employee was racking up over a million dollars in health care costs let alone chiropractor charges? Is their benefit package so generous that this didn’t raise any red flags until it hit 1 mil? I’m not even covered for chiropractic services and I work for an insurance office. Where else are we hemorrhaging money in this township?

    • Global Warming is a Hoax

      1 million dollars just for chiropractic care for 1 person. What other care was she getting? How much does the town spend on all their employees? Hundreds of millions?
      Most insurance plans only pay for 10-30 chiropractic visits per year.
      Time to put all government employees on Obamacare plans.

      • Frank Rizzo

        Most policy have a million dollar per person cap…total…any and all costs up to one mill…foolish on her to run this number up like that

  • craigoftruth

    The acorn never falls far from the tree!

  • Andy Pat

    If you want to reduce health care costs, look at chiros in general. Ever hear one say “keep coming back and I’ll take whatever insurance pays?” They treat everything and cure nothing! Also, if receiving a bribe is a crime, why was the real estate developer who offered the bribe unnamed and not charged?

    • ThatGuy

      How odd I would disagree with such a bs statement. I was in two car accidents and made the rounds between physical therapy and surgical consults. none could help fix the pain, insurance wouldn’t approve a surgery so they offered me opiates. Once insurance stopped paying, the physical therapy was done with me even though I was in pain.

      I went to a well reviewed chiropractor and in 6 sessions felt great and pain free.

      The doctors youd recommend just left me in pain and wanted me to get hooked on drugs.

      You should open up your closed mind my dear Andy, you might learn something if you weren’t already stuck in your angry old man ways.

      What makes you so convinced your opinion is always the correct one? Why are you so special?

      • Goodgrief

        Why the “old man” shot?

        It is great that you found relief.

      • Andy Pat

        Now if “that guy” could only get the mental health help he so desperately needs! He thinks his one anecdotal personal experience exonerates the rampant insurance abuse that occurs in the field of chiropractics!

  • Frank Rizzo

    Scarpelli could have been mayor for life and a pope like figure here. Yes…he was that popular…its a shame what this family has did and turn into instead…

    • Global Warming is a Hoax

      Most people are stupid and naive, that’s why he was popular.
      Smart, honest people didn’t like Scarpelli because they knew his crooked scam.

  • east coast resident

    Is it guaranteed that she would pay the money back? Does she have access to a million dollars? They don’t say where she has it. Otherwise, in her case, crime pays. She received $200,000 per year in prison, plus free room and board. Not a bad payday.

  • Chief Wahoo

    This is what ALL Public takers do. TAKE !!!!

    • Lord Trump, Westeros

      you make me proud, my son!