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N.J. License Plate for Addiction Recovery Proposed

Heroin (File Photo/ Dimitris Kalogeropoylos/ Flickr)
Heroin (File Photo/ Dimitris Kalogeropoylos/ Flickr)

A new license plate will raise funds to help those overcoming drug addiction, its sponsor said Monday.

The state General Assembly advanced legislation by Assemblyman Sean Kean (R-Monmouth) to create a special support recovery license plate to provide housing assistance funding for people who have completed substance abuse treatment.

“The support recovery license plate will provide a sustainable funding source for recovery services and serve as an outward sign of support for addiction recovery, which has impacted the lives of so many New Jerseyans,” said Kean. “This bill will also help reduce homelessness as a barrier to recovery as funds generated will provide needed housing.”


Kean said the license plate was suggested by Donna DeStefano, a local resident whose daughter is in recovery. DeStefano is the founder and CEO of Parents in Connection for Kids, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides substance abuse treatment resources and referrals to parents of children with alcohol and drug addictions.

“New Jersey has been on the forefront of fighting this epidemic,” said DeStefano. “There’s a real urgency to help this population and to save lives. This is another tool to do just that.”

The license plate will consist of an image of a compass rose with cardinal direction indicators enclosed in a circle, and the words “Support Recovery” beneath the image.

The legislation will have to be approved by the state Senate and be signed into law by the governor to be enacted.

  • craigoftruth

    This has to be some sort of joke with these licence plates. 600,000 Americans die each year from obesity (food addiction) and 50,000 die from opioid addiction. Obesity is more than 10 times the death rate of opioids. Make licence plates for fat people to lose weight!.

    • Mac

      Does any money obtained from these special license plates go toward any of these causes, or like just about everything else in NJ fees and give-mes, does this money just go into the general fund, and/or DMV funds to be diverted by whim, for more Friends N Family contractor fees and such other unnecessary created expenses?

      • Lord Trump, Westeros

        the time it took you to right this you could of looked it up online. the answer is yes it goes to good groups.

      • 205167117

        Says the guy with a less than firm grasp on capitalization and spelling. Let the computer fix it for you. Remember that when it corrects you not to take it personally.

        The computer is, like, really smart.

      • Lord Trump, Westeros

        i dont understand

      • KaayC

        Write not right
        Could have not could of

  • 205167117

    My concern would be the officer that looks at it and assumes you’re in recovery and wonders if this was the night you messed up. This sounds like a bad idea.