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Police Report Uptick in Vehicle Burglaries in Brick Neighborhood

Brick Twp. Police car. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Brick Twp. Police car. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Brick police say there has been a rash of vehicle burglaries in certain areas of the northern portion of the township.

According to police, “a high number of burglaries” to vehicles in the area of Lanes Mill Road, Sally Ike Road and surrounding “State Streets” off Lanes Mill have been reported recently.

“Residents are reminded to lock their vehicles and hide their valuables from view,” police said in a statement.


Anyone who wishes to report a vehicle burglary can call 732-262-1100. Anyone with information on the burglaries that have occurred is being asked to call Detective Mullarkey at 732-262-1122.

  • Creepy Green Light

    Looks like someone is going to be on the wrong side of a meeting between themselves and Mr. Glock.

  • Global Warming is a Hoax

    I thought that Brick police department prevented crimes? They must not be doing a good job.

  • Nan

    It is time for an Open and Honest discussion at a televised Town Hall Meeting. One in which citizens and residents of Brick get answers to how Safe City, Town etal get such designation. It has nothing to do with the amount of crime it is haw many crimes are solved. Which begs the question what is their definition of solved.

    It is time to end the definition of streets as Town, County State and Federal. The Township must be in control of all roadways within their respective Towns. Yes, there should be oversight by the higher governmental entity but for the safety of US aka WE the People the Town should be the entity accountable for our safety and answerable for all incidents which adversely affect US.

    WE the People have no Voice. It is suppressed by the Township and impossible for US to get action from the higher Governmental entity.

    God Help US All.

    • KaayC

      Oh your “We the people ….” Absolutely spot on!

    • coolerhead

      What a disaster if the Township tax base pays for all roads that are in Brick. The parkway is in Brick. Most people driving on it are not spending any money in Brick but we should pay for its upkeep? What if Manchester does not spend any money on their section of route 70? Or Lakewood on Cedar Bridge Road? A main artery into town will not be safe until you actually enter Brick. Our tax base should not pay for roads that are State or county roads!

  • Jerseygal

    We all know from where the perps are coming from – the police really need to step up more around the Maple Leaf area.

    • Creepy Green Light

      Exactly. We all know for a fact it’s the d-bags over at Maple Leaf. They’re going to rob the wrong car one day and be on the wrong side of Mr. Glock.

  • Andy Pat

    These type of petty crimes, often with soft targets (unlocked cars at night) occur in many communities. Police cannot be everywhere, ready to stop every crime. When there are a rash of incidents in a single neighborhood they can step up patrolling. People need to be reasonable in there expectations for law enforcement and take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of themselves, their families and property.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Go after the landlords….mayor Ducey is in bed with them it would appear….skymanor properties…ever hear of them

  • Creepy Green Light

    No I wont. Nor will anybody else. Sounds like you might be the perp since that comment bothered you so much? Unless you are just a typical snowflake libtard jackhole…then you are excused. Because you don’t know any better.

  • Jerseygal

    I just found out there was a lot of car break-ins over the the Atlantic Club a.m. Jan 10th, could possibly be same person/persons. It is easy to get to Atlantic Ave by going past the resiviour, and then down the hill to Atlantic Ave. Could be the neighborhood over at Sally Ike has gotten too “hot” for the thief.