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Time Magazine Declares Ocean County Nation’s ‘Most Dangerous’ Due to Natural Disasters

Homes wiped out in the Normandy Beach section of Brick Township, Ocean County, N.J. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Though it contains some of the most statistically safe communities in America crime-wise, Time Magazine has declared Ocean County the nation’s most dangerous county when it comes to natural disasters.

The magazine, in its latest issue, ranks Ocean County number one in America in terms of natural disaster risk, beating out wildfire hot spot Orange County, Calif.

“Jersey Shore communities in Ocean County are vulnerable to tidal surges and storms like Sandy,” the magazine said.


According to the magazine, their methodology was one that employed simple arithmetic:

“We tallied up every event in the contiguous United States that has caused death, property damage, injuries or crop damage in each county. Then we created a metric, called the disaster index, that is based on the average of each county‚Äôs events plus the events of its neighboring counties. A low disaster index means fewer events like dangerous storms.”

Ocean County wound up with a ranking of 223.7, besting Orange County’s 180.8. The statistics are derived from a National Weather Service statistics database, which has tracked earthquakes and tornadoes from 1950 and 42 other event types since 1996.

Ocean County has suffered 236 disasters in that time frame that cost over $10 billion, and has seen 20 fatalities.

  • Brandy the Dog

    This really does surprise me! I would have thought counties in “Tornado Alley” would have been on the top of the list. Also areas of Florida comes to mind, with all their tropical storms, hurricanes and high frequency of tornadoes!

  • Brandy the Dog

    Gee, for some reason I feel safer here than in New Orleans; Galveston, Joplin or San Francisco. as far as natural disasters go. As for man-made disasters, New Jersey dwarfs Detroit.

  • Goodgrief

    Maybe it is a joke because it sure cannot be true. Hurricanes and NorEasters are nothing like tornados and hurricanes that hit NJ are glancing compared to the head on hits in Florida and the Carolinas.