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Changes Coming For Brick’s Summerfest, Bricktoberfest Events in 2015

Bricktoberfest (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Bricktoberfest (Photo: Daniel Nee)

On one of the coldest nights so far this winter, Brick officials were thinking summer – and fall.

The township council, at its meeting Tuesday night, approved several resolutions which will reshape Brick’s “Summerfest” and “Bricktoberfest” celebrations in 2015.

Summerfest, Mayor John Ducey said, will be held every Thursday in July this year instead of scattered dates throughout the summer. Ducey said the decision to change the schedule came after some residents expressed confusion as to which weeks Summerfest events were being held.


The council approved a $29,650 contract for entertainment and production services for next year’s Summerfest concert series, which will feature four bands performing at the band shell at Windward Beach Park. La Guardia Associates, based in Cedar Grove, Essex County, will provide booking services as well as technical services for the township.

The bands that are scheduled to play at the 2015 Summerfest series are: The Amish Outlaws, The Bronx Wanderers, The Infernos and The Time Machine. Summerfest will also include a car show on its final Thursday.

A beer and wine garden, which was added in 2014, will return this year, Ducey said. It will likely be repositioned so it is closer to the food area. Another change from last year that will carry over into 2015 is the process for obtaining food vendors. Prospective vendors will bid on the opportunity to sell at the events. Previously, the food at Summerfest was sold by various township organizations as a fund-raiser.

Summerfest, which is free to attendees, is primarily funded through corporate sponsorships.

The council also voted on Tuesday night to seek bids for food truck concessions and amusement rides for its “Bricktoberfest” celebration. The first Bricktoberfest event was held in October 2014 and cost the township about $13,000. This year, township officials say they would like to turn the event into a revenue generator.

To attract more people, live entertainment will be added to the event. There will also be a wider array of activities for additional age groups, including senior citizens, and amusement rides for children will be made more affordable with the offering of “pay one price” wristbands. Feedback from some parents indicated that many people viewed the price of rides as being too high last year.

“The rides were a little pricey last year,” said Council President Paul Mummolo. “I brought my grandchildren and it cost a small fortune.”

Joanne Bergin, the township’s business administrator, said staffing changes will be made to Bricktoberfest this year – specifically, requiring fewer township employees to be present at the event.

“We would like this to generate revenue for us,” she said.

A single contract for beer and wine will cover Summerfest, the car show and Bricktoberfest, Ducey said. Last year, the beer and wine concession generated $20,225. The summerfest food concession generated $6,691.

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    I’m hoping that Summerfest can slowly but surely be brought back to what it once was. That being bands and guest artists every Thursday night, the night that Tony Bennet was there was magical. The Little Jimmy Dickens show was fun as hell. Even the “original oldies” bands that weren’t exactly the real oldies bands” were fantastic. Bringing back Big Joe Henry as the nights host would also be a plus. He knew how to keep a show running and provided entertainment between acts. Bringing back food vendors is a big plus and the right step, lets face it, the last few seasons with local clubs providing food was well, AWFUL! I didn’t think hamburgers could be any worse than a McDonald’s burger until I ordered one last year at Summerfest, that burger made McDonald’s taste like an In and Out Burger. Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s the truth. I remember this one particular vendor who was down there for quite a few seasons but left when the local clubs took over, can’t remember his name but he served London Broil sandwiches that were out of this world along with crab cakes, he was expensive, but out family would go to Summerfest early just to eat supper every Thursday night just because of his food even if we didn’t like the band that night. There’s another reason, when Summerfest started going down hill a few seasons ago, We would head to Berkeley Township’s (Bayville) Summerfest which had better entertainment and food instead. C’mon Brick ya going to let Bayville that backwoods, redneck town beat us with a better Summerfest? WE are Brick Township, WE started the Summerfests, We had the best and most successful of all and many towns copied us. It’s time for us to get back on top again and make Summerfest what it once was, the envy of all the other towns. End of rant.

    • JW P

      To be fair, Scarpelli made the summerfest thing what it was because he had dreams of running for governor. As a result, this town was well known up North by people who came down here for free entertainment from time to time.

  • Elizabeth J. Scalley

    I think this is a very bad idea. What about the end of June and the whole month of August?? Fireworks?? Its hard enough to see those over the summer without shortening the time that Summerfest happens. By cutting it down to only four weeks that would cut revenue not create it. UGH.

  • JJones

    Car show is one of the best around ..

  • Louise Garibaldi

    SummerFest is great, as well as the outdoor movies,,, but maybe Brick could invest in some bug spray for the field in front of the band shell ? I know MANY families that stay away from the Fests and the movie nights because of the BUGS.

  • Maureen

    Only July? Bad idea. Its much better spread out to give residents something to look forward to throughout the season. I think this will create a “not again” fatigue mind set. And four weeks running of traffic? Another reason to get out of town!

    • JW P

      I agree- spread it out over the whole summer.

  • Carolann Woll Dietrich

    How about trying to get a food truck event. I’ve been to a few and people enjoy them. Maybe a date in August.

    • Mac

      strongly agree – a large variety of food trucks compliments many events as it is an event in itself and will certainly bring more people out – and the Bronx Wanderers are great

    • JW P

      Food trucks don’t pay taxes and have an unfair advantage over brick and mortar places. I don’t think we need to undercut local spots in the middle of their busiest season.