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Notable Shore Restaurant Owners Interested in Opening at Traders Cove

Traders Cove Marina and Park. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Traders Cove Marina and Park. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Brick Township officials have been successful in attracting the interest of a number of highly regarded restaurant owners in its plan to host a restaurant and banquet facility at Traders Cove Marina and Park.

Mayor John Ducey said the prospect of opening a bayfront restaurant centrally located between the mainland and barrier island has been met with a positive response. The township has been soliciting bids from restaurant owners for several months and is expected to complete the process in September.

“It’s not going to be a snack bar,” Ducey said. “It’s a building that will have a substantial cost to it. It’s going to be a very nice place.”


Township officials have said from the beginning when the plan was announced that they would be seeking a locally-owned, upscale bidder to build and operate the restaurant, which would ideally include a banquet facility.

Ducey said restaurateurs including Tim McLoone, and the owners of Harpoon Willie’s, Martell’s, River Rock and higher-end restaurant in North Jersey have expressed an interest in a Traders Cove venture.

The township has received approval from the state’s Green Acres program to move forward with the restaurant plan. The construction of an additional building at the site was always included in its planning, though there was debate as to what purpose it was to serve. Had the plan not been put out to bid, the township may have been required to build a facility there under a previous Green Acres plan, the mayor said.

Between construction, permitting and other costs, building a restaurant at Traders Cove will likely be a project worth at least $2 million.

“Personally, I think it will be really nice to have a lovely dinner, waterside, and appreciate Barnegat Bay,” said Councilwoman Susan Lydecker.

The plan has faced opposition from environmental group Save Barnegat Bay, whose members have said a restaurant at the site could curtail public access. Township officials have held the opposite view.

“There are a lot of people who don’t fish, don’t jet-ski, don’t like being out in the sun, and the only way they see the waterfront is to have a restaurant there or a banquet there,” Ducey said.

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    • Chuck Cumella


  • Betty Ann Fuller

    Didn’t this discussion come up in the previous administration? Didn’t the traffic issue especially being near the bridge become the concern for residents on either side of the bridge both Brick and Mantoloking?

  • JJones

    Who ever writes the biggest check for the Democrat election gets the OK to build I guess ?

    • Betty Ann Fuller

      It should be who can bring the best ratable for the township. But, I wish the system wouldn’t work that way

  • JJones

    Betty you would hope it goes that way…but this is Brick and its always what’s in it for me as per political party in charge…And one side isn’t any better than the other sadly.

  • Chief Wahoo

    The government creates growth like cancer creates cells. It depletes valuable resources from critical life-sustaining functions to further its own gain.


  • SoWhat?

    Just what the rich snobs in Bay Head and Mantoloking want. Upscale waterfront dining close to home without the headaches of traffic being in their local town. That’s why there are no commercial zones in those 2 towns. No bars, no movie theaters, no restaurants, no riff, raff. They don’t even let you park in their towns to use their beaches.

  • SoWhat?

    Bay Head and Mantoloking are both almost exclusively homes and no business and they have the lowest property tax and crime rates in the state. Bricktucky keeps chasing commercial ratables that draw in the out of town clientele and dirt bags and our taxes and traffic and crime rates keep sky rocketing.

  • JJones

    Busy down by traders cove over weekend ..but what hapens when the visitors go home and the colder weather sets in ..that area is a ghost town..another empty building ???

  • Frank Rizzo

    It should be high rise condos that the people lock up in October and leave them till spring. And then they can patronize the existing restaurants we have.

  • JJones

    That area is busy maybe 5 months a year with vacationers in the area..the rest of the time its very quiet..may turn out to be another bust…If you want waterside eating go to River Rock or Points location…Not a good idea for traders cove ..Its bad enough the play ground area has changed already…Hello Lakewood ..