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Mayor: Two Supermarket Chains Negotiating for Former Pathmark Site

The now-shuttered Pathmark supermarket in Brick's Laurel Square shopping center. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The now-shuttered Pathmark supermarket in Brick’s Laurel Square shopping center. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Residents in the northern half of Brick Township may soon have a new supermarket to replace the former Pathmark site, which closed last year as part of a larger bankruptcy.

Mayor John Ducey said last week that Brixmor, the Maryland-based company that owns the Laurel Square shopping center, is in negotiations with two supermarket chains to fill the space left by Pathmark.

“We’ve been in constant contact with the owners,” said Ducey. “They only want to have a grocery store there. They’re negotiating with two different chains, and hopefully we’ll get those negotiations done and have a food store on that side of town soon.”


Pathmark closed as part of the bankruptcy of its owner, the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, commonly known as A&P. The bankruptcy affected Brick twice over, as the former A&P store in Brick Plaza also shut down. Acme purchased some of the former A&P and Pathmark properties, including the former A&P in Ortley Beach and Pathmark in Toms River, but both Brick locations shut down. Federal Realty Investment Trust, which owns Brick Plaza, decided against seeking a new supermarket tenant, but Brixmor is committed to the idea, the mayor said.

“That’s what they have nationwide, and that’s one of their business models – to have the anchor be a food store and everything filled in behind it,” said Ducey, who did not publicly divulge the two supermarket chains vying for a space in Brick.

Recently, it was announced that the Visitation Relief Center would be opening a temporary location in Laurel Square – a 246,235 square foot space situated between state highways 70 and 88 – but Shorebeat reported earlier this month that the nonprofit group would open in the former Nick Catone’s MMA school space, leaving the Pathmark pad open.

“They’re thinking toward big things in 2017 with a new food store there,” said Ducey. 

  • BatCat

    YAY!! We need a supermarket there!! I would love Wegmans, but I know they already said no new stores have been planned in our area….

    • Rick Acerra

      I would love a Wegmans also .Only because I have worked for them for the past 16 years and i have to drive to Manalapan from Toms River .I think we would do well in Brick but you are right no store

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    I didn’t know how much I would miss Pathmark until this Thanksgiving and Christmas. Shopping for our dinners was a challenge. Aldi’s is great, they carry good stuff and has decent prices but they are very limited in product. Walmart is a zoo, their grocery prices are high, the way the grocery is set up finding what you want takes forever, you can’t get a deal on soda there unless it’s their own brand, that goes for a lot of their products. Then you have to compete at the check out with the non grocery customers.. Shop-Rite is a full service grocery, their product selection is massive, their prices pretty good BUT it takes longer to find a parking space than it does to shop. Then you have to fight traffic to get in or out of the parking lot not a lot of fun. Stop N Shop is too far away and again you have to fight all that traffic on Brick Blvd to get there. The Stop N Shop in Point Boro is not far from me at all but their parking situation is worse than Shop-Rites. I can’t wait for the Pathmark store to reopen with a new tenant. I’ve heard rumors as to who is trying to get the store, one was a big surprise to me, But I won’t spread rumors. Hopefully they will announce soon.

    • Kimberleely

      Oh Joseph, do tell !!!

  • Kim Finn

    Love this I hope it happens soon! And I’m praying that someone fixes the little foot bridge that crosses between Aldi parking lot and Pathmark parking lot. I have used that bridge for many years and I am saddened by its closu

  • Mark Story Jenks

    It would be great to have another choice of a grocery store there. I miss the A&P. ShopRite has good specials, but the parking lot is like Russian roulette.

    • brickman

      Their management is also nonexistent. I complained about a lady who had 53 items ( I checked when she checked out) in an express aisle. The store manager did nothing but seemed annoyed at me. I haven’t been back since. I go to Stop nShop.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Who’s left to provide groceries. I doubt Wegman’s would use that location…what other company could it be with reasonable cost food. Forget Trader Joe and Whole Foods

    • Gail Sands

      what about a Foodtown. Maybe they might be interested. Think they are still around, right?

      • Smokin

        Stop and shop super store

      • Jerseygal

        Hi Gail, there is a Foodtown in Wall, and an Acme. I drive to both of them, rather than dealing with the Shop Rite Parking lots, which scare me. Both of them have nice products and good quality, so if either one of them would come I would be thrilled.

  • Kimberleely

    The town administration needs to move quickly (ha) to approve of any supermarket that wishes to come in, as it’s desperately needed. ShopRite parking lot in Brick is a nightmare I will not shop there. Pathmark is greatly missed by me, as I got to know many of the employees and they were always very helpful. I hope they all found new jobs.

  • Kimberleely

    The town administration needs to move quickly (ha) to approve of any supermarket that wishes to come in, as it’s desperately needed. ShopRite parking lot in Brick is a nightmare I will not shop there. Pathmark is greatly missed by me, as I got to know many of the employees and they were always very helpful. I hope they all found new jobs. The Piggly Wiggly would be fun just kidding…….

  • Goodgrief

    I wonder why Ducey won’t reveal who the two chains are vying for the location?

  • Lock Her Up !


  • Lock Her Up !


    • Herb Towler

      Dagastino’s IS Foodtown

  • Smokin

    Until then only reason to go there is for a really good Italian hot dog ..at truck in lot off off Rt88..

  • KaayC

    Oh gosh please, Yes!

  • Ali Felber Murawski


  • Stu Pidity

    At all costs keep the Lakewood cult from taking over vacant stores in Brick. They’re tax avoiding parasites.

  • avgjoe

    It would be good to see some competition for shoprite. The Walmart is a joke their prices are high on !many items, unlike walmarts outside NJ. Also as others have mentioned the parking lot at ship rite is aweful. Why doesn’t the town close the left turn lane permanently on Chambers Bridge & have everyone use the jughandle by the P.O. ? I know it would confuse the hell out of 90% of the people in the area but most will be able to figure it out eventually. The town had officers there since Thanksgiving directing traffic & it backs up thru the intersection of 70 all yeatr long. II been hitting up the Shoprite in Wall.

    Back to the stores just say no to whole foods went to one in wall no real deals just over priced. I know Wegmanns is off the table but maybe a Genardis. No to Foodtown too they are way overpriced notice they only have 1 store left in area, brick, 2 in tomsriver & the 1 in point all closed.

  • Exit91b

    ShopRite definitely needs some competition to keep them on their toes. I hope Lidl builds a store in the area From what I understand, Lidl is kind of a super-Aldi, and is moving into NJ. They have recently announced store locations in Lacey and Hazlet. How about Brick?

  • Frank Rizzo

    Foodtown is not cheap and hardly still in business. Maybe Acme will take it, but any other chain will fail against Shop Rite and Walmart like we saw in Barnegat with Genurardi’s. Lidel is another German based Aldi chain coming to America, they would do well, so would Aldi if they moved there for bigger space and more self check out cash registers.

  • ayeinfidel2

    I hate shopping at the Rt 37 Shop Rite. There is no competition, so they take advantage of the people, with higher than norm prices. Foodtown and Pathmark closures gave S/R the leading edge. Aldi’s is GREAT, Nice cashiers and Walmart on 37 is better than S/R on prices, but not enough variety. The S/R in Manchester is better than the one in 37!!