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Ducey: Brick Housing Authority Director Should Resign; Meeting Set for Friday

Alesia Watson (right), executive director of the Housing Authority of the Township of Brick.
Alesia Watson (right), executive director of the Housing Authority of the Township of Brick.

Brick Mayor John Ducey said Tuesday that Alesia Watson, the township’s housing authority director who, on Monday, admitted embezzling funds from the Ocean City Housing Authority, should resign.

Watson served as executive director of both authorities under a shared services agreement. After admitting in court that she used federal funds to purchase prepaid MasterCards for herself, Watson is facing a year in prison. Ducey asked her to resign at a council meeting Tuesday night.

“I’m appalled when people take the public trust and use it for their own benefit,” said Ducey. “I’m hoping that she resigns immediately and not even wastes the housing authority’s time to do a hearing.”


Watson stole from the “most vulnerable,” he said.

The housing authority’s Board of Commissioners has scheduled a meeting at 6:30 p.m. Friday night to discuss the matter, Ducey said.

  • James Pringle

    She stole money and “should resign”? SHE STOLE MONEY! She should be put in prison and forced to forfeit and pension! That’s why taxes are so high in brick, theft and corruption.

    • Jack Mac

      Totally agree these people get high paying positions and only work part time for it give me a break should be prosecuted!

  • Surfrider

    If this woman is not FIRED and SUSPENSION OF PENSION invoked, then maybe we need to get a new mayor and crew as well, for not carrying out a simple practical process of DOING WHAT IS RIGHT! As we all know, talk is cheap! True, this is yet another reason there is so much corruption in Federal, State, and Local jobs, who have the trust of the public. If we start prosecuting these crooks, then there might not be as many cheating us.

    • Spock’s Brain

      The Mayor can’t hire or fire employees for the Brick Housing Authority. It is an independent entity. Only the Housing Authority Commissioners can hire and fire. When she was hired, I believe the Housing Authority was split with 3 Democrat and 3 Republican appointees, as well as the resident commissioner. Not sure what the vote was, but I know that Republicans and Democrats both voted to hire her.

      • Late Night Comedian

        Who appoints commisioners?
        Thought so.

      • avgjoe

        Then mayor McCheese should of told the commission to FIRE HER! Plus she stole FEDERAL funds that involves the FBI

      • Surfrider

        I agree with you pardner, unbelievable……he is probably afraid some one will accuse him of being racist!

    • Surfrider

      thanks for correction…..

  • Rob

    The only reason she got the appointment was because her family was connected. If I were mayor and this happened, the meeting would have been last night informing her of her termination, a third party audit would have been launched, and if any monies were missing, she would be told to repay them and her township benefits would be revoked.

  • Surfrider

    Part time position? Holy Cow! And she has 2 different positions in some kind of contractural agreement? Jesus, C’mon, isn’t anyone honest any more, Who in the state negotiated this “peach” of a deal? They should be fired as well! Sounds like more hanky- panky going on again. How do these people get these sweet jobs that are ripping us all off? How many hours a week did she put in? What kind of pay and benefits is she getting? OMG !!

  • Late Night Comedian

    Ducey promotes the “Buy in Brick” program.
    How about “Hire in Brick”?
    Why is Brick hiring all these out of town employees?
    Just because the state democrat leaders make criss town deals with the local dems. Thats all. Hire our guys and we will hire your guys.

  • Surfrider

    thx for correction…

  • Hbadger

    Mr. Douchee, trying to take the higher ground for election. She’s just following your lead! I have no more skin in the game but I hope people see through his garbage!