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Brick PD: Stores Warned Over Sale of Illegal Fireworks

Home fireworks. (Photo: EvanHahn/Flickr)
Home fireworks. (Photo: EvanHahn/Flickr)

Despite a recent policy change that loosened New Jersey’s notoriously tight regulations on home pyrotechnic items, there are still many fireworks that remain illegal, police said Thursday.

Over the recent Independence Day holiday, several retailers in Brick were caught selling items that are not legal to sell to the public, the Brick police department said in a social media post Wednesday. The stores were given warnings and told to stop selling the items.

Still illegal are any type of firework that shoots into the air and/or explodes, such as firecrackers, roman candles, bottle rockets, sky rockets and M-80s, police said. 


“There is a new law that authorizes the sale, possession, and use of sparklers, snakes and glow worms, smoke devices, and trick noisemakers, including party poppers, snappers, and drop pops,” the department said in its post.

Those items are legal because they are “non-explosive” and “non-aerial.”

  • James Pringle

    Everything in this state is illegal, I lived in Florida for ten years where you can buy fireworks is hardly any one gets hurt. That’s why many people buy from other states and sell it here for a tidy profit.

  • Marley

    Perhaps Brick police should be just as concerned with the fireworks display held in the Highland Point section of Herbertsville every year. I’m quite sure the display there is highly illegal and nothing is ever done. The littering alone should tip them off.

  • Goodgrief

    Importing fire crackers into NJ has been a good little business for years.

  • Late Night Comedian

    Everyone in the neighborhood knows that the cops and the firemen always have the best fireworks.