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‘Mansion’ Nightclub to be Torn Down, Liquor License Sold

The space formerly taken up by the Mansion nightclub and banquet hall in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The space formerly taken up by the Mansion nightclub and banquet hall in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

The Mansion nightclub in Brick Plaza, for years a source of controversy stemming from numerous incidents outside its doors, will be torn down and its owner will sell its liquor license.

The space where the nightclub and banquet hall is located will become a parking lot and walkway area. The township council this week approved a renewal of the business’s liquor license, but only so it could be sold to Federal Realty Investment Trust, owner of Brick Plaza, Mayor John Ducey said.

Brick Plaza’s owner is planning to use the license in a new establishment that will open in what was formerly Joe’s Crab Shack. There, current plans call for two restaurants to open in the same building and serve different cuisines.


Ducey said the township’s police department did not recommend a renewal of the Mansion’s license this year, prompting officials to gear up for what would have been a lengthy process of hearings and likely litigation. Mansion was licensed with numerous restrictions, and years ago faced non-renewal since the facility – initially pitched as a banquet hall – began renting its space out to entities that operated it as a nightclub when it was not being utilized for more traditional banquet purposes.

Brick Plaza’s ownership did not renew Mansion’s lease and offered to buy its liquor license, allowing all parties to avert a dispute.

Brick Plaza has continues to undergo exterior and interior renovations, which will culminate in the construction of a new outdoor area with shops and eateries, plus a pedestrian bridge from the outer parking lot to the shopping area, according to plans filed with the township.

  • Frank Rizzo

    The previous police chief failed us in allowing the renewal.

  • dave lasky

    The council has final say not the chief. Stop using cops as scape goats for societies wrong doing. If they used a heavy hand to close the place you would say they were facists.

    • Frank Rizzo

      The stabbings and violence there should never have been tolerated like the previous chief did when he signed off on their renewal before this. I want my cops to be facisits when it comes to trash…thats what i pay them for…keep us safe…our town out of the news and property values high as a result. This was a problem establishment for a long time. Aggressive policing is what makes crap afraid to come to an area.

      • Jack Mac

        There was always problems there terrible they let it stay open so long ….so when they take down the building what’s going to replace it ???

  • Pete Cast Off Yachts

    No it was a Mexican hang out. Lots of Lakewood patrons went there. Used to have Latino night there from what I remember.. Lots of fights.

  • Nan

    Oh, yippee! More parking spaces in a former strip mall with large stores being now vacant. The Pathmart K-Mart on Rt 70 near Van Zile practically abutting the mostly vacant former Laurel Mobile Home Park once an age restricted affordable housing and now the increasingly vacant spaces which once had A&P and Sports Authority and in my lifetime Steinbach’s. Yes, new stores e.g., Ulta or is it Ultra a high price store which I will never patronize. You will find me in the Beaty supplies perpendicular to it.

    Places open and close in a very short time which indicates the will and needs of the shoppers are not being met.

  • 205167117

    Kind of hard for places like Smash Burger to survive when you let Red Robin in with a liquor licence. Same for Joe’s Crab Shack. Now the owner of the plaza gets the Joe’s space with a liquor license.

    There’s just tons of food over there to a point where nothing can survive long term. Quaker Steak, Atlanta Bread and the sushi place seem to do alright.

    If I was a tenant I’d have a problem with my landlord opening a competing business in the same lot as me.

  • 205167117

    Yeah those damn Italians…that’s the real problem.