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Brick Crosses Hurdle in Foodtown Site Redevelopment

The 'Superdome' in Waldwick, N.J. (File Photo)
The ‘Superdome’ in Waldwick, N.J. (File Photo)

Brick is one step – a large one, officials say – closer to beginning the redevelopment of the former Foodtown site on Route 70.

Mayor John Ducey said at a township council meeting Tuesday that the state Department of Transportation has no objections to the site being redeveloped, meaning there will not be a need for lengthy reviews or redesigns of area traffic that will need to be completed. One additional state agency, the Department of Environmental Protection, must sign off the project’s site plan before it goes back in the hands of the municipal government.

The process of creating the site plan, which will be submitted for approval under the state’s Coastal Areas Facility Review Act, will now be able to get underway, Ducey said. Both developers – one, Jack Morris, who will develop retail and a restaurant space, and another, a company that operates sports “domes” – will have to develop the plan.


“The two parties have to get together and do a final site plan because they have to delineate some shared parking and where drainage will go,” said Ducey.

Ducey was pleased that NJDOT got to the application in a timely fashion, as some at town hall estimated it could take up to 24 months to receive a decision. But the state agency was ultimately in agreement with the township traffic engineer’s report.

“The traffic study showed that the prior use, a Foodtown and Bradlees, would produce more traffic than the proposed use,” Ducey said.

  • Mike Morton

    Great news. One big step closer to turning this into a positive cash flow. Great job Mayor Ducey and Council.

  • Let’s Roll

    Where is the towns open space tax being spent? Brick township is a joke. You can’t even cross Rt 70 on foot and traffic is bumper to bumper. Please mayor, keep building and selling town property to make Brick more like Lakewood. Thank you

    • Chief Wahoo

      It’s going to the public TAKERS salaries. Try and keep up with all of the public TAKERS shell games.

  • Patricia Nee

    Terrible plan for Brick Township. Beautiful area for for a passive park. Kayaking, canoeing, walking trails, picnicking, etc.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Soon Pathmark center will be empty. .then what… High density housing

    • Andy Pat

      Empty yes-but HD housing is just fake news.

    • 205167117

      Once Kmart and the rest of those stores are out I’m guessing something will go there that we don’t expect. There’s great access to that property coming and going in all directions.

      Maybe Whole Foods or Wegmans. I could see BJs too.

      That lot needs to be repaved but the traffic access is gold in the eyes of franchise developers. There’s a lot of money east of that property and I’m sure some franchise wants to cut it off from Wal-Mart, Target, Costco and Shoprite.

  • Andy Pat

    The current administration has done more to put this ratable back on the tax rolls than all others previously! And they are trying to bring another supermarket into the old Pathmark. I approve and applaud the mayor and council’s efforts.

    • Sharon Stuempfle Weaver

      yes, we need another food store where Pathmark was. it was so convenient and now the plaza is so deserted. Surely, something should go in there.

  • Let’s Roll

    Ducey has been Mayor as long as Acropolis was. Why no building yet? I thought that it was Steves fault? Ducey said that GOP tax hike wasn’t necessary, but he kept it and raised it and likes using Acropolis tax money for democrats budgets.

    • Chief Wahoo

      He also said he wasn’t taking health insurance paid by the taxpayers. But baby needed new shoes and taxpayers loved to be lied to.

  • Let’s Roll

    Ducey says he is not going to hire 1000 more township employees, thus saving taxpayers $100,000,000. I’m voting for him.

  • Let’s Roll

    I am still deciding where to spend my $.01 tax cut. The Brick Farmers Market or a trip to Las Vegas

  • KaayC

    The State of Insanity – New Jersey moves at a snail’s pace. Red tape ya think much? Yawn….. Before we see this project and the Pathmark Plaza near completion odds are pretty good we will be pushing up daisies.

  • Chief Wahoo

    Less traffic than Bradlees ……..now that sounds like a winning venture. Only in NJ !!!!

  • Chief Wahoo

    Election year propaganda. I see some of the sheep below already have fallen for it and it’s not even October yet. Fools.

  • Let’s Roll

    Mayor Douchey said he will Not by a Township Boeing 747 jet, thus he is saving taxpayers $1,000,000,000.000. In next years budget. I’m voting for him!