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Cops: Man Caught After Slashing and Robbing Brick Gas Station Attendant, Changing Clothes in Woods

Zakry Shrivers (Photo: Ocean County Jail)
Zakry Shrivers (Photo: Ocean County Jail)

A scary scene for residents off Drum Point Road transpired Friday evening as a man fled into a residential neighborhood after robbing a gas station attendant and slashing him with a knife.

Police were called to the Exxon station at 141 Drum Point Road at 5:02 p.m., said Brick Police Sgt. Neal Pedersen. Officers were told by an employee there that the perpetrator, described as a black male about 6-feet tall, wearing a black ball cap, gray sweatshirt, and tan camouflage pants, approached him while he was in his attendant booth and told him to give him all the money and displayed a knife.

During the altercation, the attendant was cut by the blade in the area of his thumb, said Pedersen. The suspect acquired the money from the attendant, but as he began to leave, the money was dropped in the process, police were told by the victim. The suspect immediately picked up the money and then ran eastbound on Drum Point, running through the Encore Dental parking lot nearby.


Officer Mark Storch found a man matching the physical description of the suspect a short time later, in the area of Katie Lynn Court near Circle Drive. The man was identified as Zakry Shrivers, 24, of Rahway. The problem: the man’s clothes did not fully match the description given by witnesses at the gas station.

Police then began to interview neighboring residents, one of whom told officers that a black male matching the description of the man in custody was seen frantically changing his clothes in a wooded area, Pedersen said. Shrivers, police said, was “sweating profusely” when he was located.

Officers were then able to locate the discarded clothing in the woods, which match the description of the clothes the suspect was wearing during the robbery, said Pedersen.

Detective Joseph Leskowski ultimately placed Shrivers under arrest after he was identified as the suspect by witnesses, police said. 

Shrivers was charged with robbery, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose and burglary armed with a weapon.

Shrivers was being housed in the Ocean County Jail under the guidelines of the state’s bail reform law.

The gas station attendant was treated for his wounds at the scene by Brick Police EMS and brought to Ocean Medical Center.

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  • Nan

    It is senseless violence by what appears to be a young man. Now did we have a description of the suspect prior to arrest as black. Likely not because that would be termed racial profiling.

    It is profiling an important part of law enforcement. I doubt We will ever see on old TV Series which was named something like The Profilers. We see that action today on the law and order genre of shows. It is an important tool. It does not always hit on the target. Son of Sam was not what one would have conjured.

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    • Andy Pat

      If one were an eyewitness and told police the perp was black, the police can put that into the description of the subject. It would NOT be racial profiling. If a policeman pulls over a black person for no other reason besides being black, that IS racial profiling. Your type of BS perpetuates discord between races. There are legal types of profiling and illegal types of profiling. The Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI actually does profiling as its specialty.

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