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A Special Dog and a Special Groomer: Welcome, Parkway Pooch

Ginger, hanging out in the front yard in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Ginger, hanging out in the front yard in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Parkway Pooch recently began advertising on Brick Shorebeat. We always like to welcome our new advertisers to the site and tell you, our readers, a bit about their businesses. For Parkway Pooch, we can personally attest to the caring and personal touch Connie, the owner, provides for our community’s pets.

The story begins with the dog I grew up with, Ginger, a playful, friendly and super-energetic Brittany Spaniel who loved the outdoors more than any pet owner could imagine. Growing up, the kids in our neighborhood in Herbertsville knew every day after school that she was the best soccer goalie around. When someone kicked a ball toward her, she’d jump up, block it like a pro, and give a friendly bark asking for more. Somehow, this dog knew how to literally guard a goal set up at the end of the backyard. She “got” it. My uncle, a lifelong athlete, would always stop by on his daily run through the neighborhood, and even against him, Ginger wouldn’t let a ball get past her.

One day, however, she missed. In fact, she just stood there as the ball hit her. Physically, she was fine, but something was definitely wrong. After weeks of tests with veterinary specialists, Ginger was diagnosed with SARDS, a condition that affects dogs by killing all of the cells in the animal’s retina – sometimes in a matter of hours, for no apparent reason. There’s no cure, and suddenly, Ginger was determined to be blind for the rest of her life.

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She still had plenty of fun in life with her family (and navigated staircases and the jump to “her” chair – and the top of my pillow – like a champ), but around other dogs, she would easily get scared and defensive. Grooming would be a challenge, but Connie at Parkway Pooch always made her feel comfortable and loved, spent extra time with her and went the extra mile to make sure her experience was the best it could possibly be.

Ginger – the perfect picture of health aside from the blindness – lived for 16 years and always looked beautiful thanks to Parkway Pooch.

With that, we very warmly welcome Connie and Parkway Pooch to Shorebeat as an advertiser. If you’re looking for a recommendation for a groomer in town, here you have it.


Parkway Pooch
46 Princeton Ave, Brick
Facebook Page: Click here

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