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Brando: ‘Political Propaganda’ From Democrats Short on Facts

Former Brick councilman criticizes ‘attack’ mailers and mock newspaper sent to Brick residents

The following is an open letter to the editor, addressing Democratic candidates seeking election to the Brick Township Council, from former Republican Brick Councilman Domenick Brando:


To the Editor,

An open letter to the Democrat Council Members Seeking Reelection:

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The sitting Democrat Council members seeking reelection must be desperate.    Instead of proposing solutions to  the real problems facing Brick Township of ever increasing property taxes, crime, heroin, vacant storefronts, over development and more they have chosen to personally and unfairly attack me in a mailer recently sent town wide.

When I was on the Brick Council years ago, I expected unfair criticism.  It’s part of the political territory.   However after years of private life, I am shocked and surprised that the Democrats only strategy to gain reelection is to criticize their opponents and individuals no longer involved in public service.

Accordingly, since you have not stated any proposed vision, plan or solution for our voters to consider, I pose the following questions and ask that you respond with your platform or goals

1.    In your mailers you have stated that you have reduced the size of Government and stabilized taxes over your four year term on the Council   However that is a not true.  The Brick 2012 total budget was $87 million dollars and in 2015 it is $98 million; an increase of 13%. In 2016 your budget will rise once again and your team will be the One Hundred Million Dollar Team, as you will be the first administration to break that barrier.

Since you factually increased taxes and fees every year for the past four years, what is your plan to reduce spending and taxes?

2.     During your four year term, Brick Township fell from one of the safest cities in America to the 6th worst town in NJ for heroin abuse.    We have had over 15 deaths and drug related crime is out of control.

How did you let this happen and what is your plan to take Brick Township back from the drug dealers?

3.    Vacant storefronts are omnipresent in Brick Township, and the vacant, Township owned Foodtown property is a public eyesore. In four years nothing has happened and it costs us more and more money every day.

What is your action plan to create a business environment in Brick that will facilitate business development?

4.     Wrong development still continues to plague Brick Township.  You have talked about the immediate need to revise Brick Township’s Master Plan to control unwanted develop.    During the past 4 years you have done nothing, now a huge, unwanted hotel, residential and commercial development threatens the safety of residents near Route 88 west. What is your timetable to address this reality and why have you not acted over the past 4 years?

I could go on, but to date you and your colleagues have not addressed or answered ANY Brick Township substantive issues.   Based on my count, you have sent out 11 glossy attack mailers and something that purports to be tabloid news. In just about all of your political propaganda you lampoon, criticize, and attack your opponents with misinformation, half facts and innuendo.
Please do me and the voters of Brick Township a favor; spare the rhetoric and tell me please what you are going to do for the Township.

Respectfully submitted,

Domenick Brando