The intersection of Route 88 and Van Zile Road, Brick. (Credit: Google Maps)
The intersection of Route 88 and Van Zile Road, Brick. (Credit: Google Maps)

Brick Township has made a request to Ocean County, asking officials to consider adding left turn signals to aid traffic at two intersections – one that is accident-prone and one where traffic backs up on a daily basis.

The first intersection in question is an oddly-designed location where three roads converge: Herbertsville Road, Lanes Mill Road and Thiele Road. Some residents have requested a left turn signal from Herbertsville Road onto Lanes Mill, as traffic often backs up and cars use the right lane – which is also used by residents turning right onto Thiele Road – to get around the vehicles turning left. According to local residents the intersection is particularly accident-prone between the lack of a left turn signal and drivers who frequently ignore a “no turn on red” sign posted on Lanes Mill Road, which bans turn onto Herbertsville during red lights.

“That request is going to go through the county,” said Mayor John Ducey, since both Herbertsville and Lanes Mill roads are county roads. “They may take it up in this term, or we may have to wait until next February.”

The second intersection where a left turn signal has been requested is Route 88 and Van Zile road. Traffic, on a daily basis, backs up on Route 88 as cars line up to make left turns onto Van Zile. Brick officials have requested a left turn signal, and will partner with the county to lobby the state to install one since Route 88 is a state highway.

“It’s difficult – you can only get one car through there and it’s usually on the yellow, if not the red light,” Ducey said. “The lane is already there, and we only need that signal and it should clear things up.”

The county has offered to take the lead in pushing the state for the left turn signal there, Ducey said.