Brick Township Board of Education/Schools (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Brick Township Board of Education/Schools (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Brick Township is considering redistricting – a term for changing the geographic boundary lines – of four schools within the township, though officials say a relative few number of students will be affected.

The schools include Veterans Memorial Elementary School, Herbertsville Elementary School, Lanes Mill Elementary School and Midstreams Elementary School. The district recently completed a demographics study and have been considering the redistricting effort mainly because of class sizes being too large at VMES, officials said.

“We haven’t finalized any redsitricting plan,” said Dennis Filippone, Director of Planning, Research & Evaluation for the district. “We still have two meetings with parent groups and then we have to get it in front of the board.”

The plan – as it stands under early consideration – is estimated to affect a maximum of 70 students, including about 40 from VMES, Filippone said.

“We have an overcrowding issue at Vets Elementary, and from a geographical standpoint, the moves make sense,” said Filippone. “We have kids being bused to schools farther away than where they’d be attending under this plan.”

School officials are fine-tuning the plan during the spring break and will likely bring it to the Board of Education for a public vote at a meeting in the coming months.

Filippone said input from parents at school meetings has been an important factor in developing the plan.