Brick Fitness for Women (File Photo)
Brick Fitness for Women (File Photo)

Members of a long-standing Brick fitness club told members this week it was closing its doors for good.

With no explanation as to why it was closing, Brick Fitness for Women announced to members that it would not reopen after closing time Thursday.

According to an e-mail sent to members and obtained by Shorebeat, “After 27 years in Brick, we have made countless valued friendships. It is tough to say good bye,” the business told members.

Members will no longer be billed for their accounts, the e-mail said. The business, in its e-mail, suggested several “alternatives” where members could go.

“You may transfer your monthly billing to Toms River Fitness & Aquatic Center/Toms River Fitness for Women,” the e-mail said.  “The lower Brick Fitness billing will be allowed until the end of the year.”

Prepaid Membership time at Brick Fitness will be recognized at Toms River Fitness & Aquatic Center/Toms River Fitness for Women, the e-mail said.  Additionally “bonus time” equal to prepaid time will be added at no additional charge.

If the alternative above that applies to your Membership is satisfactory there is nothing you have to do.  On your first Toms River visit your Membership card will be created, along with any necessary paperwork.  You may add the “free” Membership at any time, at the Toms River Fitness desk.

Members may use Meridian for the next two weeks at no charge. 

“Should you decide to join, there will be no enrollment fee,” the e-mail said.

Shorebeat was unable to speak with the club’s owner as to the reason why it was closing.