This summer Miss Michele as asked to consolidate what used to be several events into one jam—packed evening, and both Zach and I agreed it was her best event yet. Of course since it’s a library there were dozens of amazing books as free giveaways, more incredible books to be won by raffle, and a great talk by the 501st encouraging kids to follow their passion for Star Wars (and reading!).

Trust me, it’s an evening the adults enjoy just as much as the kids.

And truly, nobody enjoys it as much as Miss Michele. I am certain these evenings require a great deal of work and organization on her part, and she continues to outdo herself every single year. Her dedication to children and to fostering their love of reading is unsurpassed, and our town is very fortunate to have her.

And since I enjoy these nights as much as Zach does, we truly are lucky.

This year for the first time Zach won a gourgeous (and huge!) Star Wars book which will take him the entire summer to finish, and the smile on his face when he learned he’d won was incandescent. It was a wonderful way to wrap up our evening, and when I asked my tween if he still wanted to attend next year, there was a bit of eye-rolling with his accompanying “yes Mom!”, so I know we’ll be doing at least one thing together next summer.

So thanks for that Miss Michele, and thanks for creating an event that is the highlight of many kids’ summers.

May the Force be with you all!

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