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Brick BOE Members Not The Focus of Prosecutor’s Investigation Into Brick Schools

Brick Township Board of Education/Schools (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Brick Township Board of Education/Schools (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Investigators looking into activities in the Brick school district are not targeting members of the Board of Education, Shorebeat has learned.

Jack Sahradnik, the attorney for the board, said Thursday that he spoke with Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato on Wednesday and confirmed that neither the board nor any of its members are the target of an investigation. Coronato, Sahradnik said, authorized him to speak with Shorebeat on the matter, but provided no other details of the scope of the investigation.

“As of this date, neither the board nor any individual board member was a target of the investigation,” said Sahradnik.


Sahradnik could not say whether the investigation was still ongoing or whether it had ended, nor could he say whether investigators were probing only the activities of former Superintendent Walter Uszenski and former Interim Director of Special Service Andrew Morgan – who were arrested in May – or if it went beyond those two individuals.

The fact that no board members are under investigation effectively puts to rest allegations made by Joseph Sangiovanni, the district’s former transportation manager, that the prosecutor was looking into claims he made against Board President Sharon Cantillo. Sangiovanni claimed that his contract was not renewed by the school district because he was cooperating with the prosecutor’s office against Cantillo.

Sangiovanni’s name never actually appeared on a board meeting agenda, and no board members actively voted against renewing his contract, Cantillo said. Interim Superintendent Richard Caldes said actions impacting jobs in the transportation department were part of a larger effort to reorganize the department over the summer. The district’s school bus drivers have recently come to board meetings blasting their department’s management as part of discussions over driver layoffs.

“Mr. Sagiovanni, in my opinion, acted maliciously against me because he was not being renewed,” Cantillo said. “Unfortunately, I did not have a vote in that. For him to publicly attack me and accuse me of things I did not do is absolutely the definition of malice.”

Sangiovanni had accused Cantillo of “improper dealings with vendors.” Cantillo said no board committee on which she sits so much as deals with vendors to the district.

Sangiovanni said last week he was considering filing complaints with the state School Ethics Commission against Cantillo and former board member John Talty. To date, no complaints have been filed in the matter, sources said.

  • jane

    I’m sorry, but ALL actions taken by the Board of Education since the hiring of Dr. Uszenski SHOULD be thoroughly investigated.

    • John Menshon

      Agreed, where are the people that put children our children first / get about polital aspirastions and care adbout ourt kids Ihja e two so I am very disheartned bty the shinnnings pulled by thre republicans,

      • joseph

        Prosecutors office doesn’t lie John. people in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.

      • John Menshon

        No accusations , just saying at some point they may come back with more questions.

      • joseph

        so who should they come back and ask John, Joe Sangiovanni again who lied to begin with?? It sounds like you support his mud slinging.

      • the truth

        the normal response from the prosecutors office is no comment. I find it troubling that they would tell the BOE attorney anything at this time but lets say that is true. That only means 2 things that at this time they haven’t looked into Mr. Sangiovanni’s complaint or the complaint doesn’t rise to the level to be considered a crime. In either case I believe he is taking that complaint to the State for them to examine. They may rule differently on this matter. I think there is more to come.

      • joseph

        When the state doesnt see his name was not on the agenda to be voted on by any board members who couldn;t “retalieate ” against him who does he blame for losing is job then????? Lawyer daughter rest your case.

    • walter.f.campbell

      “Jane” I will save you the trouble….all actions were focused on the curriculum,and facilities for kids….they improved greatly..its WELL DOCUMENTED ! This never happened prior to 2011 with Boards!You are sorry…keep on throwing it out there!!!

      • DennyD

        Mr. Campbell,
        Never say never. There were many instances of prior BOEs working on curriculum and, believe it or not, facilities. I do agree with you when your “they improved greatly” was posted. That being said, all of the good things that the BOE that you were a part of accomplished has been overshadowed and totally compromised by F.Us’s actions. Maybe it is wrong but that is the ‘label’ your BOE will unfortunately be stuck with. There will be ongoing investigations and questions. Allow me to close with this:
        Friends, Bricktuckians, Countrymen, Lend me your ears.
        I came to bury F.Us., not to praise him.
        The evil men do lives after them;
        The good is oft interred with their bones:
        So let it be with F.Us.

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    Well we the people of Brick got rid of all the drama at town hall during the last few elections. Now it looks like we have to do the same with the school board. Back to the drawing board!

  • Anthony

    Go away Joe. You took your last shot. Who are you going to attack next?

  • JJones

    The life in Brick has gone down hill in past few years and its sad to be where we are now with all the talk of investigations of BOE…And the drugs and crime high taxes and empty homes we are slowly losing what was once a great place to live…WE NEED A CHANGE AND I DONT SEE IT ANY WHERE ..

  • DennyD

    “Mr. Sagiovanni, in my opinion, acted maliciously against me because he was not being renewed,” Cantillo said. “Unfortunately, I did not have a vote in that. For him to publicly attack me and accuse me of things I did not do is absolutely the definition of malice.” You are a ‘champion’ of malice Ms. Cantillo. Go back three + years ago and watch yourself at the BOE meetings and your treatment of the Superintendent, a true gentleman, Mr. Walter Hrycenko. You really think anyone gives a crap about how you are treated now? ha ha ha

    • joseph

      We all know Walter let you play on your computer when you should have been teaching so now is this replacing your play time? Give it a rest would ya.

      • DennyD

        Why don’t you put your name on your post? would ya

      • joseph

        Why so you can trash my name like you do others? You never taught you played and posted on your computer while you were in the suspension class with students. I saved all your posts and the times Denny. So keep trash talking, maybe rhe pension board should be called on you.

      • DennyD

        So why don’t you post all those ‘postings’? You still do not have the intestinal fortitude to put your name on your posts. As far as the computer in the room was concerned, the students were allowed to use it. It was easily monitored because there was only one in the room. Yeah, do everyone a BIG favor and call the pension board. You sound like a disgruntled former student who I never managed to ‘reach’ and now you are paying for it. That is precisely why you will not post your name. Oh well. Have a nice day.

  • BillyBrick

    Lawyers in the family always help huh Joe??