Gino Palummo at his store in Brick, Uncle Gino's Market. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Gino Palummo at his store in Brick, Uncle Gino’s Market. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Brick Township suddenly lost a new business that was gaining popularity over the weekend, Shorebeat has learned.

Uncle Gino’s Market, which replaced Top Tomato on Brick Boulevard earlier this year, shut its doors suddenly on Sunday, after a shopper told us everything appeared seemingly normal the day before.

Uncle Gino’s was owned by Gino Palummo, who runs a store in Manalapan that remains open. On social media late Monday night, the store’s page announced the closure was “due to circumstances beyond our control.” All of the food items have been moved to the Manalapan location, which will continue to operate. In January, Shorebeat profiled Palummo in an article, where he detailed his experience as an executive in the supermarket industry before starting his own family business. Palummo had also recently joined the Chamber of Commerce and stressed that he wanted to be involved in the community.

Sources said there were no issues with the store’s building or health permits, and the closure caught officials off guard. The physical building remains under the ownership of Top Tomato, which still operates stores in New York.